North Wales: Ba – Bi

Babakin – Colwyn Bay based power-pop band formed after the break up of punk band Orgasmic Funkers in 1993. Feat; Phill Taylor (drms), Mark Dusty Moo (voc,gtr) (later West Coast Sick Line), Steve Crilly (ex-Hexmark) (bass). Rec 3 album length demos at RRS in the space of 2 months in 1994. In Oct94 rec arguably their best work, Life Inside The Fish Tank, with songs like Bacon Bollocks, Home Is Where The Arse Is. Played the Frienny in Colwyn Bay about 7 times that year as well as the Cil y Bryn festie with Sons of Selina on their debut show. Phill & Steve left to a join a Neil Young-esque rock band in 1996 (Phill would come back the next year). So Mark took his songs up RRS and rec ‘Supermarket Music’, playing everything himself but with lots of help from Robin Reliant. In 1999 they recruited Nathan Page on bass, and finally went to Rockcliffe Studios to do it properly rec Sunshine Estate LP, in 3 days, & in their words – ‘it’s a little under produced and cringeworthy at times.’ Nathan was then replaced by Craig & Mikey. They did a better job of the ‘Situations’ EP, but then mixed the highlights of the 2 to make, ‘Northlingular Circular’. Split up in Jun01 when Moo briefly joined PSST, and reformed for a one off show at Bar Blu, Rhyl (Aug04). Dusty and Crilly would later team up in The Affliction (more) (listen)

Babel – Bangor band, (c2006), feat; Gabrielle Gane (keys) (ex Serpents), Julie McGrail (bass), Sue Hewitt (drms), Sheila Brook (voc) (ex Fay Ray, Turnstone) More info req’d

Babies With Rabies – Bangor death metal band (1992-93), feat; Barry Jones (voc) (later of Dogshit on Toast), Spaggz (Leon Craggs) (bass) (later Fubar, ex Killing Bagpuss, Vinegar), Ragz (Gareth Horne) (gtr) (later Fubar, ex Killing Bagpuss & Skink), James Stevens (gtr) (later Indiana, Real7), Chris Squirrel (drms) (later ProfiadMucus). Songs incl; Moomin Is A Giant. Best show was probably a ‘swap gig’ with PSST at Rhyl’s Mermaid to a packed moshing audience who forced the band onto the back wall. (click here to hear)

Baby Blue – Wrexham band (early 80s), feat; Chris Wright (ex Patchwork, later Comfy Chairs). Had a residency at The Talbot, Wrexham

Baby Brave – Wrexham based noise-pop band (formed 2013), feat; Emmi Manteau (voc,gtr), Mike Jones (drms) (ex Mowbird), Steve Nicholls (gtr) (also of Camera, Delta Blues Radio Band), Sianio Pal (bass). Rel 5 track EP ‘The Hornet’s Nest of Unrequited Ambition That Was 1960’s Vogue’ (2013 Drum With Our Hands) followed by ‘King’s Horse EP’ on same label Jul14, then a 12″ EP ‘Tacky Birthday’ (22.11.15). Jason Williams (ex Orient Machine) replaced Mike on drms, making his debut with them at Chester Live (18.06.16), Sianio was replaced on bass in 2019 by Andrew Stokes (ex Orient Machine) (facebook)

Baby Burger – new name for Glan Conwy punk band Total Mind Fuck who realised it was hard to get many gigs with their orig name (c1988). Feat; Drew Pritchard (voc) (later to become a TV celebrity)

Babylon Leaf – mainly hail from the Megalopolis of Deeside and Buckley, and have been gigging in various line ups since 2001 and as Tom says, ‘We have been riding the rollercoaster ever since!’ Feat; Graeme Hann (voc,gtr), Rich Owens (bass), Paul Byrne (gtr), Boz (drms), Tom Jones (keys,perc). Playing mainly original material with the occasional crowd pleasing cover. Tom continues, ‘Musically we have been described as many things but for me Progressive Death Indie sounds the bestest!’

Baby Milk Plant – Mold based indie band, (early 90s), played Trotters in Rhyl & Flesh 92. Rel demo ‘Suck Deep Over’ (1991). Feat; Chris Carruthers, Andy Williams, Martin Williams & Royd, formed from the remnants of V8’s (more)

Backseat – 5 piece from Ysgol Glan Clwyd 1978, feat; Andy Peters (voc), David Bradbury (gtr,voc) (X-Men), Peter Picton (gtr) (later of X-Men), Gareth Gaz Top Jones (bass,voc) (later Grids, Tuphelo Torpedoes), Gary Williams (drms)

Backward 11 – Bangor based band, feat; Miss Luna (voc), who ran Lunacy rock nights in the city, & Stoo. Played debut gig at Jocks Bar (6.4.01). More info req’d.

Bad Company – Pub rock band from Colwyn Bay area (c1985-90).

Bad Dog – Anglesey rock band (c2018), feat; Martin John Byast (voc,gtr) Ben Langley (bass), Oli Owen (gtr), Joe Strode (gtr), Mark David Beech (drms). Rel debut EP ‘Bad Dog’ (Mar16) (video)

Bad Earth
– stoner band on speed from Denbigh, formed 22.01.14 after being in covers band Hard Lines, feat; James Clark (voc), Ren Stefan (drms), Bob Coxon (gtr), Steve ‘Geordie’ Coxon (gtr,voc), Huw Wilburn (bass). 2015 saw personnel changes with James and Huw leaving. Steve took over lead vocals and Rob Murray was brought in on bass. Their genre shifted to a more hard-metal sound and they released a 3track CD (Mar16) (soundcloud)

Bad Excuses – rock-funk band from Holyhead (c2011), feat; Dave Parry (voc), Chris Markwell (gtr), Pete Blackwell (bass), Dave Murtagh (drms) (website)

Badger Bell – pub rock biker band feat; Mogga Morris (bass) (ex Swan, Harvest Moon, Charlie, Scratch). Prev called Dizzy Mama, remembered for the vicar with a strap-on dildo! Rel 7″ single Nothing Left (pic)

Bad Name – Blaenau Ffestiniog punk band (formed Apr05), feat; Ross Jarvis (voc), Alex Muller (drms), Sam Parsons (gtr), Gwion Griffiths (gtr) (later of Vices, Braxton Hicks, Spam Javelin, Celavi), Brett Jarvis (bass).

Bahkus – dirty psychedelic heavy rock band (c2011), feat; Rob Hill (voc), Stu Fletcher (drms), Bud Turner (gtr), Adam Brady (bass). Met in a pub, Practiced in the pub, Played in the pub, the rest goes from there…

Chris Bainbridge – aka Bamber. 5th bass player for Sons of Selina, performing in York & Rhyl. Drafted in from his band Supermania in 1998 after Robin blew the Sons out on the week of Pigstock 98. Former member of Sympathy Jones, Stale Elvis, Slouch and Pocket Venus. (biog)

Baker Wicked – Bangor wedding and party band (formed Sep04), feat; Kevin Pritchard (keys,voc), Stuart (bass,voc), Duncan (gtr), Dewi (drms,voc). Used to be Tom Certain, see now Woodsmen. Orig feat; Craig Beal (gtr,voc) (website)

Baloo’s Band – rhythm & blues band (1989-present) from Amlwch (hence the name, ba-loos band), feat; Steve Blackstone (harmnica), Mark Patterson (gtr) (joined early 2000), Chris Gibbs (bass) (joined ’95, ex-Roadhouse Blues Band), Mike Dowling (drms) (joined ’96, ex-Prowler & more recently with Dino & the Wildfires). Debut CD This Life I’m Living

Bamber – See also Chris Bainbridge. Organised Charity gig for the Llandudno Lifeboat Appeal & Romanian Orphans on 04.12.1992 at Arcadia Theatre, Llandudno. Showcase for local bands with Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials headlining. Feat Jude the Obscure, Sympathy Jones, The Company, Cat Dandy, Frank’s Dad. The latter of whom went on the rob in The Company’s dressing room & overall £200 of damage was caused. PSST’s final set brought the housedown & a great night was had by all. Video footage still exists of this gig which marked Frank’s Dad’s debut performance.

Bandnight – monthly event held at (c2002) The Phoenix Club in Holyhead run by Matt Cave of Kipperwig, Sid ex Tarantism, and Pip of Green Marine Sun. Every first or second Friday in the month with 4 or 5 North Wales bands playing.

Bankshot – Colwyn Bay punk band (2004-06), feat; Joe Hovis (Murtagh) (voc,gtr,trmpt), Reg Rets (bass), Nick o’Teen (drms). Played debut show at Rydal School, C’Bay and invited crowd on stage for last song, then about 15 other gigs across N.Wales and as far as Southport. Joe now performs solo and also fronted Braxton Hicks in 2012

Barflys – Hawarden indie band, formed early 2001 & started gigging 6 mnths later. Feat; Lee Randle (voc), Matt Small (gtr), Ian Dunning (gtr), Paul Ellis (bass), Duzza – (drms). All born in 1981. Have rec demo CD. Changed name to The Time (c2004)

Barnstormers – American based band formed by Dave Sharp (ex-Alarm) in 1991, recorded a CD called Hard Travellin’ which was rel about Sept of that year.

Baron La Croix – Wrexham based experimental/kosmische/dread project (formed Nov13), played Focus Wales (Apr14) both as themselves and as Damo Suzuki’s improv-backing band. Rel ‘The Eylau Tape’ EP (Dec13) (bandcamp)

Barton Clayset – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Bastard Squad – band occasionally got together feat members of Loving Cup, Metabbalism, Relatives when gigging as a covers band. First performed at Cornist Hall, Flint late 2005, their choice of covers included a number of noisy Cliff Richard and Elton John classics!

Wayne The Bastard – Real name Wayne Murtagh, born 01.12.1966. Orig bass player with 4Q & co-editor of the 1st 2 Crud fanzines. Wayne helped fund the early days of 4Q through his steady job of 5 years at a car parts distributor. Used to perform many of his 46 apps wearing a Freddy Kreuger mask & mexican hat, once picked a fight with a very large farmer while on stage at a festival in Corwen. With Neil Crud working in Devon for the summer season, Cumi & Matt drafted in Gumption Liquid to guitar with 4Q, Wayne became disillusioned with the direction the rest of the band was taking & in 1989 he opted to ‘rough it’ in Greece for a year; & did so for a 2nd time with Neil in 1991, staying on Kythera until the following summer. He now works in Llandudno & found himself once again in the spotlight (1999) after more than 10 years’ absence when interviewed for a newspaper article on 4Q.


Bastions –
Prolific hardcore outfit from Anglesey North Wales. Feat; Daniel Garrod (drms), Jamie McDonald (gtrs) (ex Mishap), Gareth Davies (bass), Jamie Burne (voc) (ex Portrait of A Lifetime, also Sleep Beggar). In 2012 the two Jamie’s recruited Zachary Birchley and Kieran Brindley in place of Daniel and Gareth. Rel 7″ EP – ‘Island Living’ (27.10.10 on Holy Roar), and ‘Kingdom of Dogs’ EP (Nov09). Ash was the orig vocalist. Toured UK and Europe many times, rel superbly packaged LP ‘Hospital Corners’ (2012) and split 12″ EP with Burning Bright (reviews)

Baswca – Machynlleth punk-reggae-chill band (c2003), feat; Huw M, Dewi Rock, Phil Jenkins, Nich Fenwick, Mair Tomos and Nia Morgan. Rel EP ‘Diwylliant o’r Diffeithwch’ (RASP label) got excellent reviews in Welsh press as well as nominations for the Radio Cymru rap awards and the Pop Factory awards. Rel 15 track album ‘Nicotin’ (Gwynfryn Cymunedol 2004). Huw then moved to Hawaii, back early ’07. (website)

The Baudelaires – short lived but unique group, feat; Alan Holmes (gtr) (later Fflaps, Lungs, Ectogram), Nicki Dupuy (violin), Scott Saunders (bass) (also Third Spain). They existed between Feb-May 1984. In fact, the trio never decided on a name but when they were invited to support Cut Tunes at Bangor Uni (29.03.84), Gary Cut needed a name to put on the posters and so christened them The Baudelaires. This was to be the sole public performance of the group, who were memorably described by an audience member as “the worst group in the world ever”. Listening to the recordings made by the trio however, it becomes clear that the world in 1984 just wasn’t ready for a group who operated so far outside the fashionable scenes of the period. The line-up of acoustic guitar, violin and bass sounded light years from the lyrical folk sound normally associated with such instrumentation, coming over more as a meeting between Sun Ra, Edgard Varèse and the Velvet Underground. The group explored unorthodox harmonic and rhythmic structures, stitching together composed and improvised sections into an out-there post structural mélange of uncompromising wonderment. Although the trio were not averse to performing the odd song, their true strength lay in extended instrumental compositions such as the hour-long ‘Concerto For Strings’, composed and rec Mar84.

Dave Baynton-Power – (b.29.01.61 in Kent) is a musician, best known as drummer of the long existing English rock band James. In his youth, when his family moved to Holyhead (when he was 9), he describes himself as a “tearaway”. Out of the 2,000 pupils at his school, he had the worst attendance, and he found that in Holyhead there was nothing to do bar playing music. He formed The Modernaires who became Y Brodyr once they moved to Chester. He reluctantly joined James after they offered to pay his train fare to Manchester from Wrexham. He also toured with the Alarm in 2002, and rejoined the reformed James in 2007. He was also involved with L’pool bands It’s Immaterial and Pink Military Stands Alone.

BBR – Colwyn Bay hardcore band (formed 2011), feat; Aaron Miller (voc), McGoona (gtr) (also of Maines), Ste Brute (bass) (ex Global Parasite, The Cox, later Spam Javelin, Chugga), Gavin Lee Brute (drms). Rel 3-track demo (Mar11) (website)

Gerry Beasley – Manager of Rushworths Music Shop, Llandudno & instigator of the Battle of The Bands – Junebug were winners one year. Gerry & fellow employee Max Hodges worked tirelessly to promote local bands – the contest eventually moved to The North Wales Conference Centre. Judges incl Darren Wharton, Nic Reed (manager of the North Wales Theatre & coincidentally best mates with Bob Troman Alarm lighting man) & Steve Allan Jones. The contest was finally felled a little while after the demise of Rushworths itself. After Rushworth’s closure, A new shop, Gogs opened in Llandudno, run By Eric Quiney (Eric James), Trefor Bagnall, Paul Hockady, and Max. Max managed to convince both his partners, and the North wales theatre to run another years Competition.. This was the last such event, partly because the financial drain on Gogs was contributory to their eventual demise, and also because some of the “Sponsors’ who “Donated” prizes, never did so, the prizes eventually coming directly out of Gog’s Music Director’s Pockets. Sain for one reneged on their promised recording sessions when Pineapple won the competition, possibly because none of the band were Welsh speaking, and the songs were therefore all English

Beard of Wolves – sonic noise mongers from Connah’s Quay, prev called I Am Austin, feat; Adam Hughes (bass,voc), David Mitchell (drms,voc). Rel single My Father Drives The Death Star (18.11.12) (website)

Andy Bob Beaumont – blues/folk singer based in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll. Also a member of Scapegoats. Released albums ‘Shed Songs’ (on Turquoise Coal 16.04.16), ‘Blues & Roots’ (28.01.21) and ‘Prophets Of Doom’ (on link2wales 21.11.21) (bandcamp)

Beavers – North Wales rock band (1980s?), feat Steve Jones (voc,bass) (ex Harvest Moon / Heroes on a Beach), Jamie “The surfboarder” (gtr), David Stewart Jones (gtr), Andy White (drms) both later to join The Giro Gypsies.

Bechdan Jam – Porthmadog 3-pc (c2004), changed name to Killionaire

Beehive Project – Holywell indie-rock band (c2005), played Bar Blu, Rhyl (Jan05).

Beeker – Colwyn Bay based power-pop band feat; Chris (voc,gtr), Matt (bass), Ben (drms), played 1st gig Apr01 with Crippen of whom Chris & Matt were also members. See also Mosaic.

Beez Kneez – folk band from Rhyl (1990s) – probably named via the Rhyl Folk Club that was held at The Bee Hotel.

Beganifs – old name for the Big Leaves, from Waunfawr, formed 1988 while still at school aged 11, feat; Rhys, Meilir, Kev, Osian & Rhodri. Performed for many years under the name, 1st gig being at Penygroes Football Club. Nest Roberts (voc) (b.15.01.74 St Asaph) joined in 1991. Debut tape Llygaid Gwydr. Have a track, Gwenan yn y Gwenith on the Ankst 5th anniversary comp, and rel 2 singles, 1st was Llygaid Gwyder on their own label, before Ankst rel Ffraeth EP.

Nigel Bellis – keyboardist from Colwyn Bay area, later became regional TV journalist. Once auditioned for Company HQ. Now a TV Producer/ Director and soundtrack composer based in New York City. Also played keyboards in the 80’s for Stone Cold, and played with a range of club bands

Beluga– Deeside based indie 4-piece (c2000).

Ben, Dave’s Mate – Colwyn Bay band (c1992?) from Rydal School, feat; Ben (gtr) (last seen working in Ottakers, Llandudno a few years ago), & used to record at RRS occasionally. He was a mate of Dave Something Transparent). He lent Martin Wilding his WahWah pedal & got a bit miffed cos Martin took so long to return it! He also knew the late Rob Green, drummer, also from Rydal.

The Benjamins – Wrexham based contemporary band, feat; Matthew Nicholls (voc,gtr), Steve Nicholls (gtr) (later Baby Brave), Ben Trow (bass) (later Seazoo, Mowbird), Steffan Owens (drm). Their elegant songs stand out from the current trends of college-rock & indie bands, & their startling live performances have gathered them a barrage of critical acclaim. “Virtuoso performances have quickly turned them into the area’s most talked about band. Matt Nicholls’ effortlessly soulful voice shimmers inside the fervently dynamic tapestry created by his band mates.” [Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales DJ for the Daily Post]. The band’s impressive gig history has taken them from the Royal Albert Hall to The Lomax, from their local residency in Chester Telfords Warehouse to the Cambridge Strawberry Fair. Alongside their touring, they rec live session for the BBC 1FM Evening Session Wales, rec by Gorwel Owen (Super Furry Animals, Gorkys Zygotic Mynci etc.). Also played a live session on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show, & rec’d air-time on Radio 1 from Steve Lamacq & Jo Whiley. Regionally the band have been interviewed & played live on S4C (Welsh TV) & MFM (North West commercial Radio). Changed their name to Camera (May04)

Benjamins Drone – Wrexham acoustic band, (formed 2008) by Carl Harrison (voc,gtr,keys), with Amie Louise Haris (voc,perc), Abi Wilcox (glock,perc), Phil Cooper (perc) (website)

Berkowitz, Lake & Dahmer – electronic outfit from Mold, moved to Manchester, officially formed 1990, although rec together in 80s. Rel 3 LPs on Fflint Central “Drain Salmon Forgery” (2000), “Contraception of the Gods” (2001) feat a stunning photograph on the album cover of Gwylfa Hiraethog- the former hunting lodge on the Denbigh Moors, “Without Chemicals He Points” (2002). (website)

Bermuda Studios – rehearsal rooms in mid-late 70s run by Mogga (see his details). Used by The Toilets (The Alarm)

Bestiality Boys – (review) short lived punk band (2004) by ex members of Kneejerk before they formed Scott Bakers

Beth – solo acoustic performer from Llandudno area. Performed at MASE Oct01. Rel Fire Breathing EP same month. More info req’d.

Pete Bethell Long term DJ at The Bistro up to its closure in Feb99. Also DJ on the Breakfast Show of Rhyl radio station Shore FM (97-99). Once had a song written about his predictable record selections called Powerful Pete The DJ by the Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials, & was many the time the focus of petition campaigns by a minority of disgruntled punters who wanted him ousted from the DJ spot; but like the sticky carpets, Pete was part of the fixtures & fittings of the club. On the closure of The Bistro he took his DJ set to the next block & upstairs at Rosy O’Grady’s before leaving on New Year’s Eve 1999. A caricature turned up of him as Pete Brothel on the Blind Lesbian Dwarf website. Pete has since hosted ‘Bistro Reunion Nights’ at Catz nightclub in Rhyl, & has made acting appearances on TV

Betty – ‘trip-hop punk-metal’ band formed late 2005. feat; Glyn Morgan (voc), Tom Carroll (gtr) (ex Plantfoot, later Trestles, Bad Mood, Big Unit Agricultural Regime), Olly Hitchman (bass) and Mike Perry (drms). Infl inc – Kyuss, Syd Barrett, Rocket From the Crypt, Skindred, Biffy Clyro, RATM. Played debut gig at Bar Blu, Rhyl (Nov06)

Graham Bevins – (b.17.10.64) former bassist with Rhyl bands Mercenary Skank & Mal-de-Mer. Ran a computer games shop in the town & played 1 gig on bass for Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials. Managed First Hand Fury after leaving MS.

BeyondOurMeans – Wrexham band formed Summer02, feat; John Jones (voc), Ian Davies (gtr), Tim Edwards (gtr), Paul Allman (Olly) (bass), Rich Priest-Jones (drms).Rec 2 tracks in Crewe (2003) which were given away free at a few shows. 1st gig played 31/10/02 at The Talbot (Wrexham) with Stuntface, supporting Breed77 in Wxm on 29/04Ian, Tim & Rich were in Bludshot

Beyond The State – Anglesey nu-punk band (c2011), (prev called Long Shot), feat; Daniel Chadwick (voc,gtr), Nathan Jones (gtr), Sion Jones (bass), Sam Findlay (drms) (website)

Roger Bickley – former band member of Zodiaque UK, Hidden Secret, Floppy Bunny Blokes & Zig-Zag Quad, now known as the infamous Roger Subway in the Blind Lesbian Dwarf Appreciation Society send ups & rumour has it that he is the Roger mentioned in a Sleeping Dogs TV sketch. Was lighting man for his brother’s band Green Dolphin Street & also once did the lighting show for Rain (who became Oasis) at the Boardwalk. Now an electrician in Rhyl.

Stuart Bickley – ubiquotous drummer during late 1980s playing with 4Q (for one gig & named Stu Saliva), Green Dolphin Street, Strawberry Pickers, Floppy Bunny Blokes, amongst others. Brother of Roger.

The Big Beat –Wrexham soul/blues band (formed 2006?), feat; Matt Nicholls (voc,gtr), Steve Jones (gtr) Jamie Owens (bass), James Edwards (drms) (website)

Big House – band playing rock covers and gigged around North West 1995/6. Feat; Sean Rogers (voc), Richie Pond (drms), Chris White (bass) (ex Stone Cold, Think Lizzy, later Burn) and Kev Bailey (gtr)

Big Leaves – Waunfawr band, feat; Rhodri Sion (voc), Meilir Gwynedd (gtr), Kevin Tame (bass), Osian Gwynedd (drms,keys), Matt Hobbs (drms) (joined 2000). Noted for their Welsh language but also breaking ground in the English market. Formerly called Beganifs and rel 2 singles under that name followed by Trwngswsg EP (Crai 1998), Belinda EP (Crai ’98). Then rel English lang singles on Whipcord in 1999, Sly Alibi and Racing Birds which Mark Radcliffe played on Radio 1. Whipcord (run by Adam Walton) was also responsible for their debut LP Pwy Sy’n Galw? (2000). They switched to Metropolis Recs & rel ‘Fine’ EP (2000), then Animal Instinct EP (Dell’Orso Jun01), 2 months later rel dbl-A Electromagnetic Pollution and Paldino’s Pills (Hand Of God), (part of Boobytrap Recs singles club), this single feat Cian Super Furry on keys. Relocated to Cardiff 2002 & rel Speakeasy EP that year on Dell’Orso, with Crai releasing ‘Siglo’ EP at the same time. Second LP ‘Alien & Familiar’ (Dell’Orso 2003), split 2004. Meilir & Gwynedd formed Sibrydion. (gig review)

Big Waves – (pic) Llandudno band (formed 1982), feat; Rob Downes (later Then Jericho), Doug Downes (later Picture Palace, Fetish Faye) and Tony “Sully” O’Sullivan (ex Harvest Moon, Easy Living, Stepping Stones, later Picture Palace).

Bill The Murderer – Prestatyn punk band (1978-79) feat; Peter Downes (gtr), Ian Cramer (bass), Patrick Cramer (keys), Dave Tattum (voc), Steve Aldridge (gtr), Dave Pendrey (drms). Rel 7″ I’d Find You / Spring Rain (1978). Cammo of the Murderer crew got into a fist fight with Seventeen & practically the whole male clientele after a gig at Prestatyn’s Victoria Hotel. Also another story that their roadie, the notorious Cammo did beat Seventeen’s up. Last played together in 96/7 at several Chester venues still loud , but drinking less! Members still active in writing (never say die) & regularly slagging off Rapcrap. Dave Tattum joined Angelwitch (did 2 albums, 1 single, 2 British tours and 2 European tours). Other members incl; Dave Blackie (gtr), Frank Garrett (drms), Ian and Tattum were prev in Skin Deep

Billy’s – sports bar on Promenade in Rhyl (refurbed May07) on site of old Rosy o’Gradys, known as Honeyz Nightclub on weekends. Lured Blood & Lipstick to run their Wednesday night gigs from there rather than Blu (Jun07) with an impressive ‘proper venue’ venue stage-sound-lights set-up. Undeterred Blu regrouped and restarted Wed gigs and by Sep07 with diminished crowds and a new football season, Billy’s ceased to be a venue and continued as a sports bar until being demolished in 2012

Birdhouse – Rhyl band (c2009), formed after the demise of Team Ugly and The Spizzletons. More info req’d

Isaac Birchall –
Ruthin based solo musician playing styles ranging from Soft acoustic to Hard rock, self-recorded an Acoustic-based Rock EP  Only a Kid (mid 2008). Headed to New Zealand (Oct09) with enough cash to buy a guitar on arrival. Brother of Neil Crud (played live session on his TudnoFM show 19.11.19). Rel debut album ‘Projekt Noiz’ (29.3.12) and regularly plays the NWales circuit. In 2015 put together a full band feat; Andy Cooper (drms), Matty Hawker (bass), Jake Vaughan-Evans (gtr) and released début album ‘Where We Are’ (19.09.15). Eventually settled on the name Isaac & The Beekeepers. See also Cats & Crows (website).

Bishop’s Finger – Holyhead punk band (formed 2010), feat; Jôb-Cian Jones-Williams (gtr,voc), Calum Hodgson (gtr), Reece Jones (bass,voc), Ethan Jones (drms).

Bismyth – (1978-80), Welsh language schoolboy band feat; Dewi Gwyn (later of Anhrefn) (bass), Rhys Roberts (drms), Meredydd Williams (l.gtr), Aled Williams (r.gtr), Catrin Owen (voc) also of Catrin a Band. (webpage with MP3)

The Bistro – Since it’s closure in Feb99, The Savoy Bistro of Rhyl has enjoyed real cult status; it is referred to as the place to be, & the only true alternative nightspot in North Wales. The truth beknown, the club had been on a downward spiral for about 5 years before it’s inevitable closure. With less money to share amongst students & the rave scene taking off, The Bistro never quite caught up with the rest of Rhyl’s numerous nightclubs, & went from being open 6 nights a week, down to Thursday, Friday & Saturday, then down to just weekends before finally closing. The Bistro did attempt to play ‘catch-up’ with the scene by installing a 2nd dancefloor for trance music where Yassassin took up residency but there is only so much you can do with 4 disco lights & a CD player. During the late 70’s & through the 80’s the club enjoyed the success of being an attraction to ‘freaks’ as the populace called them. But the kids who wanted an alternative nightspot all went to the Bistro, which changed to suit the alternative trends of new wave through to the Madchester scene. Fridays were the main alternative night with DJ Pete Bethell, while Kim Rathbone veered toward more discostuff on a Saturday. Martin Trehearn, younger brother of main-man Pete, introduced live bands to the club on a Thursday night with some names like, Cyrff, Anhrefn, 4Q, Pyw Dall, Abs, Wizzards of Twiddley, Adams Family, Scat Opera, Dr Phibes & The House of Wax Equations, Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials. Neil Crud started off his DJing during these nights in 1990 for a year, before teaming up with Andy Fatman‘s Yassassin Soundsystem in 1997. The decline in business led to Thursday being closed & further decline brought bands in on Fridays to help boost trade. Sentient, Blush, Sons of Selina, Junebug, Elephants Home, She Said, Fluff, Blue, Supermania & Mike Peters (returning to the place where he used to work as a barman), all played before the Bistro finally closed it’s doors for good. The club was used as a set for the 2013 film Vinyl. (gig list)

Bitch Fingers – Rhyl project (c2007), feat; Tom Potts (voc,gtr) and Simon Begley (keys) (both of Spizzletons) (website)

Bite – Colwyn Bay rock/punk band (c2005) feat; Zak Rogers (voc.gtr) later of Freaky Peach, Kixxstart Kitty, ArtisFiction, Flesh Velvet), Carl Gregory (gtr), Tom Mason (drms), Billy Gregory (bass). Have played locally and at Mase. Zak is son of Sion (ex Hungry Touch). Mikey may also have played drms at some point. Used to be called Harmonic Resonance (website)

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