[excerpt from Curiad website]
A very eccentric independent label run by Johnny “R” from his Gwalchmai residence on Anglesey. This label consistently produced innovative material, which at times was ruthlessly anti-commercial. (not entirely on purpose either). The label has worked with many artists using or fusing many styles of music. Apart from the underground groups and collaborations, the label’s other projects are the Waw Ffactor and Pic Nic, that are more commercially appealing. Yet both groups can be listened to on two (or more) levels, which is why an R-Bennig record is always intriguing and becomes even more so when listened to repeatedly. The Waw Ffactor, which is fronted by actress and singer Rachel Carpenter, has achieved success in both Wales and on the European continent.  [Curiad website is no longer active]

There was also another off-shoot of this label called Wili Nili that had at least 4 releases, including an album by an Italian mod band called Smodati. However, you never quite trusted Johnny R as it may have been a complete wind up, and the band could have been from Llangefni…!

Another note: R-BEN 052 – Mank LP – Ben Powell (Mank) says, ‘Love the fact that the “Mank LP” was withdrawn, that was actually a demo CD I sent Johnny, I later found out that the songs had been registered on PRS without my knowledge and not in my name.’

 1990 7″ F A5 – Fflecsi (pic) R-BEN 001
 1990 C A5 – Greatest Hits (LP) (pic) R-BEN 002
 1990 C A5 – Andrea EP (pic) R-BEN 003
 1990 C A5 – Gadael (cassingle) (pic) R-BEN 004
 1991 7″ A5 – Amser y Mis (pic) R-BEN 005
 1991 7″ F JOHNNY R – Dyddiadur (blue flexidisc) (pic) R-BEN 006
 1991 C A5 – Caeltaidd (cassingle) (pic) R-BEN 007
 1991 C A5 – Lycra EP (pic) R-BEN 008
 1991 C A5 – Doc Martins Eddie Lad (cassingle) (main pic) R-BEN 009
 1991 C A5 – Hoff Papur Wal (LP) (pic) R-BEN 010
 1991 C A5 – Marigolds Melyn EP (pic) R-BEN 011
 1991 C A5 – Genod Bryngwran (cassingle) (pic) R-BEN 012
 1991 C A5 – Gyda A5 (cassingle) (pic) R-BEN 013
 1991 C A5 – Glud (pic) R-BEN 014
 1991 C A5 / PYW DALL – Gwallgo EP (pic) R-BEN 015
 1991 C A5 – Can i Cymru 2000 EP (pic) R-BEN 016
 1992 12″ Y PREGETHWR – Hardd Cor (single) (pic) R-BEN 017
 1992 C A5 – Echel (cassingle) (pic) R-BEN 018
 1992 C A5 – Ecsentrig EP (pic) R-BEN 019
 1992 C VARIOUS – Egni LP (feat; Llwybr Llaethog) (pic) R-BEN 020
 1992 C Y GWARCHOD EP (pic) R-BEN 021
 1992 C VARIOUS – Egni 3 LP (feat; Gorkys) (pic) R-BEN 022
 1992 C GIG CYMRAEG – LSJ LP (experimental tape) (pic) R-BEN 023
 1993 12″ Y PREGETHWYR 2 – Hollywood, Caerdydd EP (pic) R-BEN 024
 1993 12″ A5 – Adroddiad Du (single) (pic) R-BEN 025
 1993 C MR ‘R’ & CATRIN C.I.A – Ysbryd Newydd (cassingle) (pic) R-BEN 026
 1993 7″ WAW FFACTOR – Ysgafnach Na Dwr EP (pic) R-BEN 027
 1994 C WAW FFACTOR – Libido LP (pic) (pic) R-BEN 028
 1994 CDs WAW FFACTOR – Deheuwynt EP (pic) R-BEN 029
 1995 C VARIOUS – Lovespoon Economy Vol 1 LP (pic) R-BEN 030
 1995 C VARIOUS – Lovespoon Economy Vol 2 LP (pic) R-BEN 031
 1995 C Y PIBCORN AUR – Trewalchmai EP (pic) R-BEN 032
 1995 7″ F VAFFAN COULO – Jobs 4 The Boys (with Sothach mag) (pic) R-BEN 033
 1995 CDs WAW FFACTOR – Swynedig (single) (pic) R-BEN 034
 1996 7″ WELSHER – Paranoia Cefn Gwlad (pic) R-BEN 035
 1996 C VARIOUS – Egni Compilation (pic) R-BEN 036
 1996 10″ Y PREGETHWYR 3 & OWAIN MEREDITH – Annwyl Yehudi (pic) R-BEN 037
 1997 CD A5 – Marigolds Melyn LP (pic) R-BEN 038
 1997 CDs PIC NIC – Pic Nic EP (pic) R-BEN 039
 1997 CDs WAW FFACTOR – Tymhorau EP (pic) R-BEN 040
 1998 12″ STOP TAP / DJ HIRAETHOG – Maes Tec EP R-BEN 041
 1998 7″ LECTROSIS 1 EP (yellow vinyl) R-BEN 042
 1998 7″ DIM ESGUS – Llifo (blue vinyl) R-BEN 043
 1998 7″ LECTROSIS 2 EP (green vinyl) (knife n fork pack) R-BEN 044
 1998/9 7″ CRAC – Cracyr EP (pink vinyl) (fluffy pack) R-BEN 045
 1999 7″ MONA FLYING CLUB – Columbian Connection R-BEN 046
 1999 C MONA FLYING CLUB – R-Bennig Mix Tape (rubber tube pack) R-BEN 047
 1999 CD VARIOUS – R-Bennig International (on mp3.com) R-BEN 048
 1999 7″ LECTROSIS 3 EP (purple vinyl) (flick book pack) R-BEN 049
 2000 CD VARIOUS – CD LP Radio-D (on mp3.com) R-BEN 050
 2000-1 CD SHONE CLOROFFORM – R-Bennig Dolig LP (on mp3.com) R-BEN 051
 2001 CD MANK – Mank LP (withdrawn) R-BEN 052
 2001-2 CDs A5 – Cybergoth (single) (keychain pack) R-BEN 053
 2002 CDs GLOVEBOX – Glovebox EP R-BEN 054
 2002 CD ETHANIA – Pennod 1 (mini LP) R-BEN 055
 2002 CD ETHANIA – Pennod 2 (mini LP) R-BEN 056
 2002 CD MONO BOOT BOYS – Mix CD (web freebie) R-BEN 057
 2003 CDs R-BENNIG v NAJWA KARAM – Cheto (single) (pic) R-BEN 059
 2004 R-BEN 060
 2004 7″ OKOK SOCIETY –  Gwaith Dirgel (purple vinyl) (pic) R-BEN 061
 2004 CDs KENTUCKY AFC – Bodlon (single) R-BEN 062
 2004 CDs MANK v KENTUCKY AFC – Bodlon Mixes R-BEN 063
 2004 R-BEN 064
 2004 R-BEN 065
 2004 CD VARIOUS – Banquet Ethania LP R-BEN 066
 2004 R-BEN 067
 2004 CD SION CLOROFFORM – Barod am Dolig  LP R-BEN 069
 Jul05 CD EP ELEKTRAZ VORTEX – Left To Fester R-BEN 070
 2005 CD RICHARD OF HULME – Pinhole  LP R-BEN 071
2005 CD SLIDESHOW BORES – Dayglo Debris Di Ri LP R-BEN 074
2005 CD WRIGHTOID – A Masque for the Lido  LP R-BEN 075
Mar05 CD ETHANIA – Wedi Pydru R-BEN 076
 2005 CD JACK SHARP – Diet Coke and Golden Virginia LP R-BEN 078
 2005 CD JOHN VIETNAM – Ffatri Ffaidd R-BEN 079
Jul05 CD ELEKTRAZ VORTEX – Minimalist Blo Job (pic) R-BEN 081
Aug05 CDs JOHNNY R vs TATU – (Porn) Stars (pic) R-BEN 084
Sep05 CD JOHNNY R – Ain’t No Warhol in Oriel Mon R-BEN 086
Oct05 CD JOHNNY R – Barddoniaeth Bloglyd R-BEN 088
Oct05 CDs AELWYD ANAL ARTS – Bodffordd Bullworker R-BEN 089
Oct05 CDs  AELWYD ANAL ARTS – Gwag (pic) R-BEN 090
Sep05 CDs JOHNNY R vs JACK SHARP – Hallelujah R-BEN 091
Dec05 CDs AELWYD ANAL ARTS – Gem On Hogia R-BEN 092
Nov05 CDs AFALLON – Mam Ti (pic) R-BEN 093
CDs Y GWR – Wraig (single) (pic) R-BEN 094
R-BEN 095
2005  CD R-BENNIG CYMUDEDOL feat. CERI GWALCHMAI – All This Time (pic) R-BEN 096
7.11.05 CD R-BENNIG – Tyddyn 5 (rec of supernatural activity!) (pic) R-BEN 097
2005 CD VARIOUS – Statws – Dim Logo LP (pic) R-BEN 099
2005 CD AAA – Y Periant Dim Ateb LP (pic) R-BEN 100
2005 CD VARIOUS – O’r Ddaeargell Vol 1 LP (pic) R-BEN 131


  1. Dan "bach" Griffiths
    August 1, 2012 @ 1:04 pm

    Neil, very informative. Thanks for the heads up – will compare this list to the items we have at the Screen and Sound Archive.


  2. Archie T
    December 9, 2014 @ 4:39 pm

    Has there ever been a shitter label?


    • neilcrud
      December 9, 2014 @ 6:37 pm

      Ha ha, probably not Archie, and undoubtedly prided itself on that very fact… Intriguing all the same…


  3. geraint jones
    August 8, 2017 @ 4:14 pm

    would you possibly have any information about the ones which are not listed above? i am a record collector who is trying to build a list of “the ones i havent got” thank you


    • neilcrud
      August 8, 2017 @ 4:25 pm

      you could try Google – I’ve not researched this label for a couple of years – maybe Discogs too..


    • Johnny R
      May 16, 2018 @ 12:52 pm

      Sorry if there are any labelist completist nutters out there. I’ll get round to a ‘full output’ one day..theres tape-zines, one-offs, acetates like a Kevin Saunderson mix of ”Hiraeth” by A5 etc a handful of welsh commodore/bbc micro games on tape, stuff like a unique gorkys tape/remixes i did for my young cousin Melonie (theres a whole Gorkys LP they sent me on 4-track to do before they went to Ffach, Ankst etc.) Some ‘supporters’ like Nia Melville etc used to get stuff when I was off my head..no idea what went where. I’d photocopy stuff in Llangefni co-op, make what I could and walk home skint, regarding cassettes. I did a CD LP of unissued stuff called ”O’r Ddaeargell 2” (2010) to celebrate our 20 years or something, never sent them out as Huw Stephens/Bethan Elfyn etc sent internal BBC memos not to play anything from us. (Pic Nic were on that ronically) I gave up to do Budgie Blue Baby Pink Films stuff..lot of fun, no bad vibes, then Parhad Gallery Bangor. now Aurbennig, don’t give a flying fuck about Welsh media.
      People moaned I’d jacked it, how I was missed, the exact same BBC/S4C twats who blackballed us, work that out!
      Theres still some nice folks out there.
      People always ask me for old records etc but I just don’t have any.
      BBC Bangor etc sacked their Librarian probs dumped all the records too which is criminal as he basically made radio shows in welsh interesting from a genuine music fans point of view.
      Lots of decent bands about in 2018 so I feel ‘more at home’ than the era of lame Sain/Gwynfryn shit like Elin Fflur, Meinir Gwilym etc about when I took a break.
      Keep The Faith hogs..
      Johnny R/Aurbennig


  4. shane quentin
    February 23, 2018 @ 4:46 pm

    Johnny R. is back with a new release trading under the name Aurbennig,
    it’s a gold cassette tape – I played it in full on my radio show at the end of Feb


    • Johnny r
      March 2, 2018 @ 1:22 pm

      Cheers Shane haha xx johnny r


  5. shane quentin
    March 2, 2018 @ 6:27 pm


    • Johnny R
      May 2, 2018 @ 8:41 am

      Top man, you should get our new double cd pack soon ”A Way Of Life” (Ffordd O Fyw)


  6. shane quentin
    May 12, 2018 @ 12:47 am

    arrived tonight! wahey


    • Johnny R
      May 12, 2018 @ 10:26 am

      Awsome Shane, always give you a name-check on promo vids on Youtube where I can, few more releases on the way..Johnny R/Aurbennig


    • Johnny R
      May 16, 2018 @ 12:19 pm

      Shane, got your msg. Will set our Radio Jingles guy, Richard ‘Buckstein’ Davis on the Garden Jingles Project CD. Will pop it in the pack of all our new releases in a couple of weeks:
      Aurbennig ”Withdrawn Sengl’
      Aurbennig ”Geode”
      Aurbenig ”Napa Lads”
      Richard ‘Buckstein’ Davis ‘Aurbennig Radio Compilation CD”
      Use anything that suits dude..
      I’ll get a new feather for my cap then..
      x Johnny R/Aurbennig


  7. shane quentin
    May 19, 2018 @ 10:13 am

    fresh from The Garden

    Aurbennig : Ffordd O Fyw
    Meat Beat Manifesto : I Control
    Aurbennig : Comments Disabled Washi
    DJ Koze : Drone Me Up, Flashy
    Neon Neon : Dream Cars (Dream Drums mix)
    Zuli : X3
    I’m Sore vs. Noise Camp : The Best Of
    Aurbennig : Hen Drics Fi
    Bloodshot Eyes : Through The Roots
    Keith Seatman : Broken Folk – remix
    Masayoshi Fujita : Spaceship Magical
    John Maus : Outer Space
    Mr. Hopkinson : Seven Nation Army
    Ben Mason : Meow
    Aurbennig : Copicats
    Broadcast : Pendulum
    Komeda : Cul De Sac
    Emergency Broadcast Network : Characteristic Beat
    Aurbennig : Boncars



    • johnny r
      May 19, 2018 @ 11:13 am

      Cheers for the support..jingles cd’s and stuff on the way soon..your one of the uk’s top dj’s so chuffed to be asked.. johnny r/aurbennig


  8. shane quentin
    May 19, 2018 @ 5:26 pm

    thanks JR, sorry but I played Rev nr the beginning and not the track listed – that’s on next weeks show! looking forward to jingly x


    • Johnny R
      June 20, 2018 @ 8:42 am

      Hi Shane, Management sent you a box of CD’s this week. Theres a special disc of a version of Aurbennig ”Lon Spite Inn” called ”Shane Quentin (Do Your Thing)” which is possibly my ”Scotts On Swingers” moment (Google it lolz) a sort of personal jingle to you/crmk
      Johnny R/Aurbennig


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