cerysNearly 15 years ago one person started something that would have a major effect on Welsh music, Welsh attitudes and the way English people perceive the Welsh.
That person set up Recordiau Anhrefn; first as a vinyl outlet for his own band, Yr Anhrefn, but more importantly to promote and release Welsh language music by bands who were not going to get any joy out of an archaic Welsh music industry and dismal Welsh media.
Rhys Mwyn, creator and mentor of Recordiau Anhrefn can lean back in his leather upholstered chair 15 years on and bask in the knowledge that it was he who sowed the seeds that made Cymru cool.

For without Rhys Mwyn 12,000 of us could not have revelled in the beautiful surroundings of Llangollen and experienced just how far up the musical ladder Wales has climbed. No longer are we the butt of Aled Jones jokes. Today it is the English holding the ladder as Catatonia, the Manics and the Stereophonics climb way beyond their reach.
Without Rhys Mwyn a young band from Llanrwst called Y Cyrff may never have got the chance to release 7″ singles, and be given the encouragement to pursue a career in music when all the odds were stacked up against them.
Without Y Cyrff we would never have Catatonia, no Mulder and Scully, Game On, Road Rage.
Having moved out of their caravan in West Wales, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci gave the crowd a collective tab of assassinated acid and took us on a trip to the far reaches of a mushroom field on the edge of the psychedelic city. This is psychedelia done the Welsh way; our way, no need to follow rules, let your mind write the music not the industry standards. Top stuff from a top band.
It would have been more financially viable for Catatonia to play the well trodden boards of Manchester Apollo or the Royal Court, but they, like so many of their countryfolk feel they owe their kin something. They know it is Wales and the Welsh youth who stuck by them in the dark days of sheep jibes and patronising Welsh TV. Catatonia know where their hearts are and where their home is.
Not many songs make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, but when I, along with the whole of the audience sing the chorus of International Velvet, I will for every day wake up and thank Catatonia that they’re Welsh.