Killing Joke, October File, Tribatik @ Liverpool Academy

(review by MWJ – footnotes by Sync – pics from

So some speedy last minute arrangements saw me off to lose my Killing Joke virginity, ferrying the far more experienced Sync and Fatman under the Mersey. My and Steve’s lengthy debate on “all women are bad” failed to take the post honeymoon glow from Andy but we did get round to discussing the band as well. They’re obviously a famous name but my own knowledge of them was pretty limited, a proto-industrial punk band originating in 1979, had some stuff off first album, knew covers of their stuff that had been done, had a couple of good ep’s but also remember having to throw away one atrocious 80’s pop one as well. Still, from all I’d heard (including previous reviews here) and testament to their own endurance had a feeling that they would be a worthwhile experience.