GUEST COLUMN – Skip Dwight – The Swingers – ‘Counting The Beat’

Once upon a time there was a band from New Zealand called Split Enz. They wrote great music and sold lots of albums, not just in NZ but around the world. They broke up and some members went on to even bigger things (Crowded House & solo success)……..this column isn’t about them, but it is about one of their founder members, Phil Judd, his band The Swingers and their hit song ‘Counting The Beat’.

Phil was born in the same NZ town as me, Hastings. If you’ve been following this column you’ll know that Hastings wasn’t a progressive place. Knowing one of my musical idols came from the same town as me gave me hope growing up. But as with most creative people in NZ, in order to find other like minded people you have to escape to the city.More