ALBUM REVIEW – Various – Cofi 19

There is an underclass ar yr Sín Gymraeg (on the Welsh Scene) – it’s a weird underworld, possibly only populated by a handful of misfits… Yet there is a cool vibe running throughout. This collective (I guess they’re a collective) have their tafods firmly stuck in their bochs (Google translate the words you don’t understand!) although there are political overtones amid this fine compilation.

‘Cofi 19’ appeared in July… And like most releases surrounding this arm of the Welsh scene, there was little fanfare… Yet, the content is fascinating, thrilling, superb and awful – sometimes in the same song. We kick off in a funk fashion with Kim Hon (Barry John!) who also feature later on with Talk To Frank, High and Channel Sbiw (you’ll learn that 27 is his highest score!). And there’s a smattering of anti-Westminster stuff, including the excellent Crinc with Crachach and the shit-hop Ja Da Trippa who spits the cool track Dirty Pee Ar MP.
Pasta Hull, with their skewed indie-go-funky-druggy sound feature predominantly on this album along with the completely anti-genre Pys Melyn who remain a thorn-in-the-side to the Welsh establishment (and anyone who listens to their headfucking output).More