Skinflick, 9xDead, Pain Deleted play Bar Blu, Rhyl.

(reviewed by MWJ)

Ok, so a Wednesday night in Rhyl, even in the last week of the summer holidays, you wouldn’t expect much. Unless recent Wednesdays had been anything to go by and you’d expect hundreds to turn and have fun etc. But no, tonight is a traditional Wednesday night in Rhyl (except it’s not raining) and there’s f**k all there. So maybe Skinflick’s reputation has preceded them, or perhaps people have vague recollections of the Breeding Ground sonic abortion, or maybe Bangor isn’t local enough for them to be a local band and garner support. Maybe you think they are shit. Dim ots to them having travelled to lots of other interesting places round the country to entertain “select” (count on one hand, include dogs) audiences, but disappointed for support bands trekking from South Wales and Preston.