ARCHIVE GIG – Doves, My Morning Jacket @ Llandudno Conference Centre

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Live Archive 2005 | Doves Music Blog

CrudCrew: Crud, Mr & Mrs Fatman, Student Grant
(plus assorted associates, past & present)

It’s bank holiday weekend , and we’ve got the hottest tickets on the North Wales coast, , no, not the Battle of the Masterminds Of Mirth that is Jimmy Cricket vs Mick Miller @ The Robin Hood Caravan Park, no, instead we’re heading west to the pensioners paradise of Llandudno to catch a low key festival warm up gig by Manchesters’ finest.

The bar’s packed (not surprising, it’s only 9ft long, with 3 people serving)… so I resign myself to the fact it’s going to be quite a sober night for the Crudcrew.

Phew! say Mrs Fatman who is driving & Student Grant who has only brought £3 with him).

Taking the stage are My Morning Jacket, a 5 piece band from Kentucky who served as last years Doves American tour mates (having previously opened for among others, Foo Fighters & Beth Orton).

These boys are currently receiving rave reviews all round, with their latest release “It Still Moves” drawing comparisons to Neil Young & Flaming Lips. I did also note a familiar bass sound not too dissimilar to one Peter Hook, giving this alt/country(fied) sound an essentially English feel, thus providing us with a clue on why there seems to be quite a mutual appreciaton between tonights bands.

Student Grant is swiftly dispatched to the bar (I have to give him the money)….finally returns as we welcome Doves to this “school gym with a licence style venue”……

An earnest plough through a rich songbook , consisting of tunes from “Lost Souls” & “The Last Broadcast”, this somewhat diverse audience, seem to take their time in actually enjoying the set, as the band seem to take their time adjusting to the somewhat bland surroundings. I guess the devoted throng that hammer the bands messageboards are already at/or on their way to Leeds or Reading, as the crowd seem quite subdued than other Doves gigs I’ve attended. Jimi looks like he’s faring worst than the others, with difficulties in the vocal quality in the sound, prompting comments of how the room would best be suited to a Frank Carson show. He ain’t whinging, or making excuses, indeed the band relentlessly bang out one quality tune after another, amiable as ever….whether Doves are your bag or not, these boys give you a show. Maybe not the most dynamic looking of bands, but the musicianship (constant swapping of instruments/vocal duties) & the fantastic visual backdrop montages keep every punter interested.

We’re treated to a new track (sorry didn’t catch the name.. ?.. with some great Easy Rider ‘esque’ footage. Note to Jimi, … don’t announce new song titles whilst trying to light a fag!)

I’d been banging on about it all night, to anyone who cared to listen, no, not the length of the bar queue, but the fantastic footage for “Here It Comes”… it looked like we’d lose out tonight, until halfway through the encore, when Andy steps up to the mic, the film begins with a fuckin’ big bus making it’s way through the streets of Wigan and some of the best Northern Soul dance footage fills the stage…..sorry, but it gets me every time. In time honoured tradition the boys leave the crowd with a “where the fuck did that come from” mouth opened , knicker wetting pile drive through “Spaceface”. And only then do the pensioners in this picturesque seaside town get it.

Anyone going to the bar?

(reviewed by Andy Fatman)