DIRTY WEEKEND (pt1) @ Morville Hotel, Rhyl

no sign of life

There we were panicking all day about getting to the venue on time cos some idiot, err.. I mean Dave Cox decided to start a 2 day punk festival at 5pm on a Friday. It’s a learning process and you learn from your mistakes. The first band didn’t turn up ’til gone 7.30pm, y’see, these days, in the affluent 21st century, if you’re on the dole, you’re on it through choice & not because you can’t get work, or, more likely cos you’re a lazy bastard. So being in a punk band is not a career, it’s a hobby, and usually an expensive one; thus the need to work. So all these punk bands booked for tonight were probably working, then had to get the gear into the van & drive into North Wales with all the English weekenders, shuffling along the A55. It was inevitable that there’d be drop outs; a disappointing one was Nth Ireland’s Dangerfields who Steve Sync was getting all excited about seeing again & on learning of their absence he proceeded to drown himself in lager & take the rest of us with him.More