GIG REVIEW – The Fiend, RSI @ The Tache, Blackpool

(review n pix neil crud)
Fight Back
Ok, these were two seperate gigs on two seperate nights or, if we’re gonna be pedantic, two seperate mornings. The Tache Club in Blackpool has been hosting punk bands since the days of fanzines and cassettes. I think my old band 4Q actually had a gig booked here in 89/90, but something prevented us playing it (probably Cumi and his girl-flu). And what a great venue. Snotty punk disco downstairs with pissed up punks and few bemused chavs wondering what fucking planet they had landed on. One of whom took exception to ourselves when Michael took a group pic of us (below), she actually thought we were taking a pic of her and tried to snatch Mic’s phone off him…
‘Why the fuck would I want a pic of you…?’ is somewhere along the lines of the ensuing conversation…More