GIG REVIEW – Author and Punisher, Gnod, Ore @ Roadhouse, Manchester

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Something, somewhat different, someone, somewhere deafened. Spoilt for choice on this night but resist the temptations of the top notch death metal of Exhumed round the corner at NQ Live and elect to check out some industrial insanity at the Roadhouse with the first UK visit of California-based one-man sonic terminator, Author and Punisher. It was another industrial night I was last here in the cosy basement of the Roadhouse, a few years back for Concrete Lung, but I still found it quite flashbacky as had visited more often in the early 90’s when it seemed to be a more regularly used venue. Tonight I had the overall impression that it was going to be something unusual if not unique for my ever so slightly jaded/spoilt palate to savour.More