EXCLUSIVE – Unseen Pics Of The Ruts in North Wales

Paul Mattock (pic above in Feb13) is the calm, mild-mannered drummer for the insanity that is Rabo De Toro, he was also the original drummer of the seminal punk band The Ruts.
They formed in August 1977, as Paul explains; ‘Punk happened. Malcolm [Owen] really got into it and started writing punk songs with Paul Fox. It started out as a bit of a laugh. Dave Ruffy fancied himself as a bass player and I played the drums. We got some cheap studio time and went in and recorded some of the songs, Lobotomy, H Eyes and In A Rut (listen here). As soon as we played In A Rut, we knew it could be a hit. It was from this track that we got the name The Ruts.More