Since forming in 1999, Isor principle song writers Dave Merricks & Nick Hemingway have continued to develop their sound with each successive CD redefining the bands musical identity within the UK`s contemporary Metalcore scene.

ISOR originally a 3 piece, have previously recorded a total of 3 EP`s sold via their website, the last being their six?track CD, Nought to Sixty in Twenty Seven Feet. It achieved the ‘Featured CD’ slot on with one of the tracks from the CD, reaching number 1 in the European Metalcore chart whilst simultaneously gaining media & music Industry interest.

2003 witnessed the final metamorphosis of the bands line?up with founder members Dave Merricks & Nick Hemingway making the brave decision to write & perform solely as a duo.

2004 The band signed to Casket Music and released their Debut Album “Post Mortem Peep Show” Worldwide on the 24th of Feb 2004

ISOR’s debut album ‘Post Mortem Peep Show’ is receiving rave industry reviews, gaining such comments as :

  • “England’s ISOR has made an album that restores my faith in the metal/hardcore genre.”, “I haven’t heard an album this creative in a long time. ISOR has only two members, but what these guys lack in numbers, they make up in sheer brutality. This album has to be the musical equivalent of being beaten with pool sticks and then set on fire.”, “Nothing is overdone, and nothing is underplayed.”, “I sincerely hope this is the future of metal/hardcore. There is literally something for everyone here…”, “This album is superb, and I don’t think there is a single song that is weak. ISOR has found the perfect blend of everything that is fun and angry about metal and hardcore alike. If you happen to be a fan of Drowningman, Deadguy, Converge, and the Dillinger Escape Plan, then you’ll want to hear this album.” ?

[85] Lambgoat ?(USA)

  • “Incredibly fierce mathcore mentalness.” METAL HAMMER ?(UK)
  • “…the most exciting extreme metal album of this year.”, “…Isor are f*cking incredible and this album will tear your head off. Absolutely bottom line essential!!” [4.5/5] WALLS OF FIRE ?(Germany)
  • “Surely one of the greatest albums of this year 2004”, “Buy! Buy! Buy this record!” SENSORIUM.IT ?(Italy)
  • “…ISOR have landed as the saviours of the Brit metalcore scene.”, “…A landmark debut release.” [4/5] TELETEXT ?(UK)
  • “ISOR show that a new generation is coming up from the undergrowth and challenging just what noise should be all about.”, “‘…Coping With Your Ginger Secret’ and ‘Swimming On Chief Brody’s Day Off’ aren’t just witty titles, they’ve got the power to match.” ROCK SOUND ?(UK)

“…undoubtedly one of the most exciting metalcore debuts in recent times.” [4/5] I ATE YOUR MICROPHONE ?(USA) ISOR appeared on numerous Magazine Cover CD’s including Metal Hammer, Terrorizer & Rocksound

Both videos taken from ‘Post Mortem Peep Show’ received regular rotation on many TV stations throughout the world, with the UKs SCUZZ TV & Australia’s ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) ‘Rage’ TV show being the most prolific and both videos can also be viewed online here:? ‘Coping With Your Ginger Secret’ was also used on the soundtrack of the cult horror movie ‘Infestation’.

ISOR toured extensively to promote ‘Post Mortem Peep Show’ with over 110 live shows including a “Rocksound Tour” and are currently planning ‘The Zebra Theory’ tours that will hopefully include US & Australian dates as well as UK & European shows.


‘Post Mortem Peep Show’ was also awarded; “The Dam 104.7FM Pick of the Week ?(USA) ?15/05/2004” & “Album Of The Week – LambGoat – (USA) ?22/06/2004” and reached No. 6 in the “Voice of Tula Radio ?104.4FM” Russian Top Ten Album Chart as well as having extensive radio play around the world including stations such as:?

  • Metal Attack ?88.3 WAIF?FM -(USA)
  • Critical Mass ?92.1 RTRFM – (Australia)
  • The Dam ?104.7FM ?(USA)
  • ABC’s ‘Triple J’ ?(Australia)
  • Radio Hoogeveen ?106.8FM / 104.1FM – (The Netherlands)
  • Musically Incorrect ?96.5FM ?(Australia)
  • Voice of Tula Radio ?104.4FM – (Russia)
  • XFM ?104.9FM – (UK)
  • Maximum FM ?106.9 FM ?(UK)
  • Extreme Radio ?(UK)
  • TotalRock ?(UK)

The duos material breaks new ground with an exciting fusion of musical textures blended with the intensity of math?core. Each song contains diverse changes in style, tempo & signature thus setting the band apart from many of their peers.

Their music typifies the duos interpretation of modern life, the bizarre twists illustrate common paranoia found in today’s society born with the frustration of inevitable conflict & deceit. The intensity of vocal performance brutal guitar riffage & relentless percussion drive the songs to another level of insanity resulting in the listener finding it hard to believe that the mayhem unleashed has been produced by only two people.

21st of July 2008 brings the release of their second Album ‘The Zebra Theory’ released worldwide through Caskets larger sister label ‘Copro Records’

Copyright ©1999-2008 ISOR Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Registered in England & Wales No. 5130103

  • “Two People? You’d imagine this music was created by an army.”, “…the matter of relentless death?thrash touches the anti?matter of acoustic passages and emo undertows to create nullifying explosions…” TERRORIZER ?(UK)
  • “…contains some of the most furious, chunky, pummelling riffage I’ve heard in ages! Go buy, right now.” [9.5/10] ULTIMATE METAL ?(UK)
  • “A brutal yet intelligent concoction of sounds ‘…Peep Show’ is an extremely strong release and could be one of the biggest sounds of the metal core scene this year.” SKRATCH THE SURFACE ?(UK)
  • “…it’s hard to imagine a more pressuring and crushing sound.”, “This is how an ultra brutal bastard of the most extreme styles has to sound…” [9/10] THE METAL OBSERVER ?(North America & Germany)
  • “…totally awesome sound and easily the best release I have heard this year…” AUDIOCRATIC ?(UK)
  • “A band to be on the look?out for, and surely a worthy addition to any Extreme Metal or Hardcore festival!” [95/100] CONCRETE WEB ?(Belgium)
  • “…pure genius ideas that retain a real freshness and innovation that a lot of bands don’t possess.” QUINTESSENCE ?(USA)
  • “…arguably the best new metal sounds to come out this year.” [4/5] ANEMIC MAGAZINE ?(Australia)
  • “Fans of noisy, harsh, dissonant metalcore need this. Isor mix it up so well, and need your attention.” RAW NERVE ?(UK)
  • “…damn fine release and one that threw me totally with its ferocity, and this is definitely not to be missed…”, “Recommended!” COLLATERAL DAMAGE ?(UK)


  1. simon harrow
    March 30, 2022 @ 9:50 pm

    Isor , a great metal band , is there any chance anyone has the demos ?


    • neilcrud
      April 2, 2022 @ 9:40 am

      I have 2 CDs by them – a good root online should bring results!


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