Direction Music

  • cassette label based in Pentraeth, Anglesey started by Peter Harrison in March 1989, prev only known in the electronic music scene for various reviews, articles & a few album cover designs.
  • It devoted itself to a variety of artists that Peter felt deserved wider recognition. Aiming from the start to ensure a consistently high quality of production compared to other cassette labels, every release has been on good quality tape with a full colour inlay card. The label was launched with two initial compilations, featuring artists ranging from the synth instrumentalist Kevin O’Neill to collage surrealists Nurse With Wound. Other releases include the ambient music of Vidna Obmana, dramatic synth work from Andrew Pinches, post-industrial avant-garde material from Morphogenesis, as well as even more offbeat items like the experimental & noisy Falscher Hase by East Germans Dieter Zobel & Jorg Thomasius.
  • Still operating after 1992, certainly up to late 1995 early 1996. Around this time they released a 1hr video “From The Hills Of Dream”, which featured music and images fron Maeror Tri (Germany), Plant Bach Ofnus amongst others. The whole project was a sort of earthy ambient type effort with all sorts of rural footage, waterfalls etc. The soundtrack was seperatly issued on cassette. At about a similar period Direction Music signed a marketing deal with Red Wharf – the output arm of multi artist Grahan Bowers, Bowers is an Angelsey based musician, painter and sculptor, who is still very active to this day. His first musical release was “Of Mary’s Blood” a critically acclaimed 45 minute single piece of music, that the sleeve of which was specifically designed to accompany. To quote a few reviews of the album “Extraordinary, powerful, abstract music… compelling work… vivid, as dark and strange as the images that adoirn the sleeve” from Audion Magazine. Bowers now runs his own web site which allows visitors to view his images and sculptures and in addition purchase his CD’s.
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