Holy Gloam – Don’t Let The Light
TRACK – another ‘college rock’ beauty from Abergele
Rel: 01.07.22 – DL

Awkward Geisha / Bidoche Musique – Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth And You’ll See Diamonds
SPLIT-ALBUM: Avante Garde experimentation from this prolific purveyor of sonic nonsense and Hackney counterpart
Rel: 25.06.22 – CASS / DL on Machine Tribe recs

Deliquescent Crystals – Time Turns Into Space
ALBUM: Soundscaping ambience from Bangor’s Ben Powell (see also Mank, Llyn Y Cwn)
Rel: 21.06.22 – CD / DL

Anxiolytics – Gulag Song
TRACK: New track quietly released by this weird Bethesda based outfit
Rel: 20.06.22 – DL

Telefair – Skin And Eyes
ALBUM: Bodelwyddan’s melodic-quirkmeister with his 5th album
Rel: 17.06.22 – DL

Awkward Geisha vs Spam Javelin – Bullshit Detector (Awkward Geisha Remix)
TRACK: Cwmbran psychopath obliterates a punk song
Rel: 14.06.22 – DL

Holy Coves – Grey
TRACK – another release from this Holyhead indie band
Rel: 10.06.22 – DL on Yr Wyddfa Recs

Anxiolytics / Awkward Geisha – BDSM Horse / Raggy Dolls Go To Hollywood
SPLIT SINGLE – Bethesda meets Cwmbran with this split release
Rel: 01.06.22 – DL

Gintis – Hope Is All We Have
ALBUM – 3rd LP from Abergele melancholic indie songsmiths
Rel: 27.05.22 – LP / CD / DL on Mai68 Recs

Anxiolytics – Da Da Da
TRACK – Surprisingly catchy from these weirdos from Bethesda
Rel: 17.05.22 – DL

Cow – When The Darkness Gets You Down
EP – New dreariness in it’s full and beautiful form from Dyserth and Liverpool
Rel: 29.04.22 – 12″ / DL on Mai68 Recs

Holy Coves – Desert Storm
TRACK – Another tune from indie-rockers from Holyhead
Rel: 29.04.22 – DL on Yr Wyddfa Recs

Adam Walton – Afal 
ALBUM – Solo album from The Immediate frontman from Mold – psychedelic folk has landed
Rel: 29.04.22 – LP / DL on Whipcord Recs

Anxiolytics – Esgyn / Amgen / Eigion
TRACK – Bethesda’s answer to Bethesda release their 2nd track
Rel: 22.04.22 – DL

Warlockhunt – Call Of Sorrow
EP – Follow up from Conwy’s sludge dredgers (CD has bonus track)
Rel: 18.04.22 – CD / DL on Pyrrhic Defeat

Holy Gloam – The Sun Has Set On My Heart
SINGLE – Two songs from Abergele post-indie-psychedelic band
Rel: 15.04.22 – CASS / DL on Mai68 Recs

Holy Coves – Hurt Within
TRACK – Holyhead’s indie-rockers tell us that love is cruel
Rel: 25.03.22 – DL on Yr Wyddfa Recs

Anxiolytics – Numan
TRACK – Debut release by new Bethesda based Lolfa Binc offshoot
Rel: 05.03.22 – DL

Lolfa Binc – Ebyll a Phlyg
TRACK – Normal service resumes as Bethesda’s David Lynch obsessives dish the dirt
Rel: 28.02.22 – DL

Llyn Y Cwn – Du Y Moroedd
ALBUM – more abyssal dark ambiance from Bangor’s Manky Ben
Rel: 25.02.22 – CD / DL

Maines – Ascendance
TRACK: New song from Conwy’s post-hardcore demigods
Rel: 15.02.22 – DL

Spam Javelin – Point To The Dolly EP
EP: 6 punk tracks (with 4 bonus remixes on CD)
Rel: 20.01.22 – CD / DL on link2wales records

Hellfire Devilles – Scream And Scream Again
ALBUM – Wrexham’s zombie bashing killabilly trio gives us their debut album
Rel: 13.01.22 – DL on Infrablack Recs