1. Ceri Cameron
    March 9, 2013 @ 1:25 am

    With regards to your comment about bad excuses, how can you ask people who do not know the band for their opinions!? you didn’t even listen to them and if you did you would know that these 4 guys are awesome together and have a huge following in Holyhead! you have strong opinions about the bands and you didn’t even have the decency to turn up and listen to them all! next time do everyone a favour and stay at home because you sound like a cock…


    • neilcrud
      March 9, 2013 @ 1:33 pm

      Thanks for your reply Ceri, you were doing really well until you called me a cock (which is true anyway, so thanks for stating the bleedin’ obvious, oh and thanks to Peter from the band for also calling me a cock – there’s a theme running here…).
      It’s good to see you’re passionate about this band and perhaps rather than insulting me you could write up a critical review of the night instead? This website is open to contributions.
      If I was in Bad Excuses, and believe me I’ve been in bands who have been slammed, slagged off, spat at, beaten up etc, then I could take it two ways…
      1. I could stamp my feet in a hissy fit like some kid who’s had their pocket money taken off them, or…
      2. Take it as ‘All Publicity is Good Publicity’ – after all, over 570 people have read this review in the few hours it’s been online, that’s a damn sight more than the few that bothered to turn up on Thursday night. That’s 570+ people who are now aware of Bad Excuses. As a band you’re gonna get a lot of knocks along the way and what that person said wasn’t all that bad, I guess an interpretation could be ‘all good musicians, but need a style.’ Maybe? I dunno I wasn’t there (what a cock eh!). If it was directed at my band I’d be using the quote on my website as a ‘fuck you all, we can do anything we wanna do..’
      I was late for the gig and gutted to have missed the first band, I’ll try and make sure to be at the next one so you can insult me in person, slap me etc etc…


  2. JB
    March 9, 2013 @ 2:41 pm


  3. neilcrud
    March 9, 2013 @ 6:30 pm

    Jack from THE FADES sent this…
    Just read the review and we’re completely in agreement with what you said. We publicly acted like dicks and shouldn’t have done so towards other bands that on the night who were much better than us.
    Can I just say though that we were annoyed with the other artists as we waited around there from 7pm to watch all the other bands, then watched them leave as soon as they played their sets. I know some people might have stuff to do and what not, but in my eyes at least come up and say sorry we gotta go or something. It was about an hour late by the time we played (to an already empty room may I add). We were also quite drunk at this point. I know these aren’t excuses but on top of that the drummer whose kit it was (we previously meant to be using our kit as we were last on and live closest) asked us to do a ‘quick set’ cus he had to go.
    All of those things annoyed us and which is why we had a go. Also more annoyed at the way we played (which, from other sources wasn’t as bad as people have said and we previously thought) all those things culminated were enough to make us say what we did. We don’t pull no punches but things could have been done more tactfully. At the end of the day we’re still learning our trade like everyone else ha!
    Anyway we hope you can make it to one of our other shows when we’ll be in better form. We’re hosting another night of our own in Rascals 27/4. They’re always good so pop along. We’re playing other shows in the next few weeks. Hope to see you soon.


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