1. Quixote Rabble
    March 7, 2013 @ 7:54 pm

    Those producer friends of yours, you made them after you stopped splattering shit all over Wales and its airwaves via the almost wholly fucking cringeworthy Recordiau Crai? Some of the flattest and most characterless recordings made in the history of recorded music.

    Rhys you may have been punk back in 1779, or whenever it was you ‘broke down the barriers’ to get played on Peel, but you then joined the tyderati. You had maybe have still an office in Y Galeri. And now you’re trying to kick out again. At the most obvious targets imaginable.

    I wept for you when I read the line about Florence and Bat For Lashes. That may have been an observation worth making in 2009 – but they’re as radical as tapwater in 2013.

    You talk about authority, but you don’t really have any. You shook things up and let the bottle go flat.

    Not total and utter shit. Just cold shit.

    “My views on Can I Gymry are well known” – not in Denbigh they’re not.


  2. Steve Allan Jones
    March 7, 2013 @ 9:06 pm

    Chwarae teg Rhys. There were some talented kids on Can I Gymru this year.I honestly thought this was a step up for the competition. And then they announce the winners… there’s no accounting for taste.


  3. Llywela ein Llyw Olaf
    March 8, 2013 @ 12:59 am

    Rhys Mwyn! You are a very naughty boy!

    Herein speaks
    A FAILED and clueless Music Promoter – I mean, who the hell organises a gig for a school boy band with a school age fanbase in an 18+ nightclub?… and it was a disaster because?
    A FAILED Record Label Manager. Enough said.
    An Ex-Punk who fought the punk wars for what? To become a bloody archeoligist?
    Rock ‘n’ fucking roll
    C’mon you old fossil. I read your article in Yr Herald Gymraeg and you say that Cân i Gymru and Gwobrau’r Selar are a farce, purposeless myths. Farcical then that both events were so well supported and a resounding success. Cân i Gymru was trending on Twitter while ‘Rhys Mwyn’ was trending on Twatter.

    Take a look in the mirror and you will see the myth that was Rhys Mwyn punk anarchist.

    Reading your article brought back memories of a pub quiz I once devised where I asked the question : Who is Rhys Mwyn? And the correct answer : A sad old rebel without a cause and with as much authority to judge or comment on today’s Welsh Music Scene as Ricky Valance. You’ve had your day Mr Mwyn. Dwelling on your past glories is more than a tad sad. Like the relics you excavate, you are way past your sell by date. Move on, stick to what you know : archeology! Keep digging. It’s time to let go of the past and leave the Welsh Music Scene to the music makers of today. Be dignified, shut up and allow the people who walk the walk to talk the talk.


  4. Cam i'r Goleuni
    March 9, 2013 @ 12:29 am

    Rhys, Rhys, Rhys – ti’n rhy garedig!

    Band cyntaf yn swnio fel Arctic Monkeys o bum mlynedd yn ôl. Pam fod pob band ifanc rwan yn swnio fel Arctic Monkeys? Achos deg mlynedd yn ôl roedd pob band ifanc yn swnio fel Oasis.

    OK, mae gan Catrin Herbert ryw dalent canol y ffordd – jyst be mae Cân i Gymru angen. Mae El Parisa yn wreiddiol ac yn addawol, ond fel ti’n deud – rhy fuan. Mae Dyfrig Topper yn berfformiwr da fedrith gael y gorau o unrhyw gân wan. Dwi’n hoff o stwff solo Alun Tan Lan a’r Niwl ond pam wastio dy amser ar y gystadleuaeth yma? Gwna LP newydd gan Y Niwl.

    Ac am yr enillwyr… yn ôl be dwi’n ddallt, mae un yn astudio ysgrifennu creadigol a’r llall yn astudio cerddoriaeth, y ddau ym Mhrifysgol Bangor. Fyswn i ddim yn archebu g?n graddio…


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