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  1. neilcrud
    January 3, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

    (by Steve Rastin)
    I think that in many respects Wednesday night has crystalised a lot of of the problems faced by anyone putting on gigs in North Wales.

    A quality line up at the Dudley pulls in, if my maths and Neil’s head count are both correct, 23 punters, while at Caskeys two bands playing their first ever gigs pull in about three times that number.

    Musically neither band at Caskeys was quite in the Broken Pavement/ Green Minge category but one of them veered dangerously close to it and yet they were given an enthusiastic reception because the audience was predominantly made up of mates from school, college etc.

    Which brings us to the crux of the problem: as a promoter do you go for quality alone and hope that an audience will support your efforts or do you book bands who you know will bring bodies through your doors?

    The ideal situation is to try and combine the two but this isn’t always possible – on Wednesday I was presented with a two band package deal and so the chance of putting on a more experienced band as headliners wasn’t there.

    As a result the night was brilliant fun for everyone from within that circle of mates but has, I feel, left everyone else present feeling somewhat short-changed on the night.

    Conclusions? I suppose there are several to be drawn from everyone involved with putting on/ playing at/ attending gigs in this neck of the woods.

    If you’re a promoter, you’ve got several responsibilities to juggle but in an ideal world you should be putting on gigs that have enough local interest to pull in a sizeable crowd, enough quality to ensure that the more discerning punters will want to come out and which nurture young musicians who are taking their first, often faltering, steps into the big, bad world of live performance – often an impossible task to achieve, I grant you, but an ideal that should be aimed for nonetheless.

    If you’re a new band you should be trying to balance the desire to get out and play live against being properly prepared so that you at least have a chance to impress those punters from outside your immediate circle of family and friends, because the limitations they are willing to accept won’t be so readily lapped up when you play your next gig to a bunch of unfamiliar faces at the Duck’s Arse in Scunthorpe.

    Perhaps most importantly of all, if you’re a music fan you need to get out and support live gigs in the area when a line up based on quality is on offer because there is nothing in this game that is so frustrating as running or playing in a gig that is musically excellent but virtually unattended, something that happens all too frequently around here.

    Rant over………………for now!!!!!!!!


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