02.01.2020 – Ultragold, Orlagh Zurawski play The North, Rhyl
05.01.2020 – The Broken Jukebox radio show was broadcast on TudnoFM (listen)
06.01.2020 – Stephanie Finegan is live in session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (listen)
06.01.2020 – White Ether release Time For You (listen)
09.01.2020 – Peaness play Vera, Groningen, Holland
10.01.2020 – Peaness self-release 7″ single Kaizen (on red vinyl)
10.01.2020 – Seazoo play The Lexington, London
11.01.2020 – Soul Jacker play live on Phase Radio in Prestatyn
12.01.2020 – Ashley Falls, New Moon play Archies, Prestatyn
12.01.2020 – Melys play Rockaway Beach Festival, Bognor Regis
13.01.2020 – Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies are live in session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (listen)
15.01.2020 – Soul Jacker play live at All FM radio
16.01.2020 – Seazoo song The Pleasure is played on BBC 6Music
16.01.2020 – Alien Feelings, Soul Shepherd play The North, Rhyl
18.01.2020 – The Broken Jukebox radio show was broadcast on TudnoFM (listen)
20.01.2020 – Big Unit Agricultural Regime are live in session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (listen)
23.01.2020 – Heartbeat Wunderbar play The North, Rhyl
23.01.2020 – INME, Haggard Cat, Zebedy play Live Rooms, Chester
25.01.2020 – White Ether play Market Vaults, Llangefni (watch)
25.01.2020 – Cadence Noir, Bad Earth play XS, Wrexham
27.01.2020 – Meilir is live in session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (listen)
29.01.2020 – Peaness play Boiler Room, Guildford
30.01.2020 – Raging Speedhorn play Live Rooms, Chester (review)
30.01.2020 – Cow play Sound, Liverpool (review)
30.01.2020 – Intelligent Idiots play The North, Rhyl
30.01.2020 – Peaness play Prince Albert, Brighton
31.01.2020 – Zelyg release EP ‘Sooner Or Later’ (buy)


01.02.2020 – Peaness play The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
02.02.2020 – The Broken Jukebox radio show was broadcast on TudnoFM (listen)
03.02.2020 – Klammer have session broadcast on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show
05.02.2020 – ‘International Split EP’ is released on link2wales feat Emissaries Of Syn (buy)
06.02.2020 – New Moon play Hoptimist, Abergele
08.02.2020 – White Ether, The Stash gig at The Goat, Penygroes is cancelled
08.02.2020 – Link2wales publishes archive profile on Cellophane Boys (see)
08.02.2020 – Banda Bacana play Cafe Siabod, Capel Curig
14.02.2020 – The Broken Jukebox radio show was broadcast on TudnoFM (listen)
14.02.2020 – Habits announce that members are to leave after their forthcoming tour
15.02.2020 – Emissaries Of Syn played Blossoms, Stockport
15.02.2020 – Lullaby For A Unicorn play Hard Rock Hell Festival, Birmingham
15.02.2020 – The Montagues play Front Room, Rhyl
17.02.2020 – Red Or Dead play live on Neil Crud’s Tudno FM Show
19.02.2020 – Habits, Bogans, Saltwater Injection play Live Rooms, Chester
20.02.2020 – Habits play The Peacock, Sunderland
20.02.2020 – Zelyg played a Ceg TV gig at Y Castell, Pwllheli
20.02.2020 – Rabo De Toro, Cane Toads, Horse Spookers, Chris Chadwick play Skerries, Bangor (review)
21.02.2020 – Pentrefest starts at Mcleans, Queensferry
21.02.2020 – Henge play Ucheldre, Holyhead (review)
21.02.2020 – Habits play Centrala, Birmingham
23.02.2020 – Habits play Jacaranda, Liverpool
23.02.2020 – Navnlos, Middle Name God + Soul Shepherd played Archies, Prestatyn
24.02.2020 – Emissaries Of Syn play live in session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (listen)
27.02.2020 – Spam Javelin play Outpost, Liverpool
27.02.2020 – Lolfa Binc play The North, Rhyl
27.02.2020 – A Gathering Of Folk took place at The Royal Oak, Wrexham
27.02.2020 – The Stash play CD launch party at Cavern Club, Liverpool
27.02.2020 – Peaness play Sugarmill, Stoke
28.02.2020 – Omaloma release single Walk The Dog on Recordiau Cae Gwyn
28.02.2020 – Eitha Da release ‘Fizzy EP’ (bandcamp)
28.02.2020 – Hopewell Ink played The Cold Concert at Bangor Cathedral
28.02.2020 – Zelyg, Scotch Funeral, Dan Williamson play Y Castell, Pwllheli
28.02.2020 – Dogsflesh, Spam Javelin, Krank play The Skerries, Bangor (youtube)
28.02.2020 – Peaness play The Waterfront, Norwich
29.02.2020 – Dogsflesh / Rabo De Toro / Fatalist / Spam Javelin / Entity play Marine-Core (review)
29.02.2020 – Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard played Chaos Theory Festival in Tuffnel Park

MARCH 2020

05.03.2020 – DoOne, Negative Measures, Fatalist, Falaun gig review at Outpost, Liverpool (read)
07.03.2020 – Krank, Leatherback, Thrashatouille, Lullaby for a Unicorn, Winter Hotel play Mcleans, Pentre
07.03.2020 – Cow, Eye Licker, The Good Host, Chain Of Dissent play The Skerries, Bangor
08.03.2020 – The Broken Jukebox radio show was broadcast on TudnoFM (listen)
09.03.2020 – System Of Hate session broadcast on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show
10.03.2020 – Spam Javelin play The Jacaranda, Liverpool
11.03.2020 – Gas Hands and Spam Javelin play The Millbank, Rhyl
13.03.2020 – Emissaries Of Syn, Marw play The Saddle, Chester (Maines pulled out)
17.03.2020 – Neil Crud presents his final show from TudnoFM studio before Covid19 (listen)
20.03.2020 – Kill Trev, Lolfa Binc at The Skerries, Bangor is cancelled due to Covid19 outbreak
20.03.2020 – Goatburner gig at The Marine, Old Old Colwyn is cancelled
24.03.2020 – Lockdown in the UK starts, effectively ending live gigs
24.03.2020 – Neil Crud presents his TudnoFM live on Facebook due to Lockdown (listen)
25.03.2020 – Rhys Mwyn publishes blog on the importance of Welsh Culture (read)
25.03.2020 – Derrero release single Rolling Past Vistas on Recordiau Cae Gwyn
27.03.2020 – Maines release their ‘Spring EP’ (bandcamp)
27.03.2020 – Spam Javelin reissue their album ‘Crack Whores OF Betws Garmon’ on CD (buy)
28.03.2020 – TudnoFM Soultrain DJ Chico sadly died
28.03.2020 – Derrero release the album ‘Time Lapse’ on vinyl on Recordiau Cae Gwyn
30.03.2020 – Emissaries Of Syn issue cover of Human Cull’s To Weep For Unconquered Worlds (listen)
31.03.2020 – Oblong release a lockdown video of Kill Boy, Kill (watch)
31.03.2020 – Neil Crud presents his 2nd radio show during Lockdown (listen)

APRIL 2020

03.04.2020 – Omaloma release album ‘Swish’ on Recordiau Car Gwyn (listen)
03.04.2020 – Seazoo release album ‘Joy’ (listen)
03.04.2020 – Irma Vep release vinyl album ‘Embarrassed Landscape’ (bandcamp)
05.04.2020 – Rabo De Toro release All I Want as a video/single (watch)
05.04.2020 – The Broken Jukebox radio show was broadcast live on Facebook (listen)
06.04.2020 – Recordiau Prin release CD & Book by David R Edwards (bandcamp)
06.04.2020 – Neil Crud presents his 3rd radio show during Lockdown (listen)
07.04.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his 1st Bedroom Bollocks radio show (listen)
11.04.2020 – Hughie Shaw died (owner of The Marine Hotel, Rhyl venue of Breeding Ground)
12.04.2020 – Emissaries Of Syn gig at Outpost, Liverpool is cancelled due to Coronavirus
13.04.2020 – Neil Crud presents his 4th radio show during Lockdown (listen)
14.04.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Bedroom Bollocks radio show (listen)
17.04.2020 – Red Or Dead album ‘Anarchy Is Liberty’ is released on link2wales recs
17.04.2020 – Notora release their single Stay (watch)
17.04.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his 1st Punk As Fuck radio show (listen)
18.04.2020 – Live video emerges of Crapsons and Spam Javelin jamming live at Crapfest (see)
19.04.2020 – Bogans release eponymous EP and announce that they are going to split up (bandcamp)
19.04.2020 – The Broken Jukebox radio show was broadcast live on Facebook
20.04.2020 – Neil Crud presents his 5th radio show during Lockdown (listen)
21.04.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Bedroom Bollocks radio show (listen)
22.04.2020 – Hopewell Ink played live Lockdown gig on Facebook (watch)
23.04.2020 – Spam Javelin issue their long awaited ‘Crack Whores’ T-shirt (buy here)
24.04.2020 – Kidsmoke release track The Bluest You (bandcamp)
24.04.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Punk As Fuck 2 radio show (listen)
25.04.2020 – Link2wales pays tribute to Bern of Elfyn Presli on 10th anniversary of his death (read)
26.04.2020 – Magic Bullet release their TudnoFM session on bandcamp
26.04.2020 – link2wales publishes Tivoli gigography (link)
26.04.2020 – Armagideon Time by Ninja & Steve is reissued on YouTube (listen)
27.04.2020 – Neil Crud presents his 6th radio show during Lockdown (listen)
28.04.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Bedroom Bollocks radio show (listen)

MAY 2020

01.05.2020 – Mwstard release Resolution EP on Bandcamp
01.05.2020 – 4th Eden release album ‘Dark Skies; (bandcamp)
01.05.2020 – Golden Fable release album ‘Alchemy – Instrumentals’ (bandcamp)
01.05.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Punk As Fuck 3 radio show (listen)
02.05.2020 – Spam Javelin and link2wales set up Instagram accounts
03.05.2020 – The Broken Jukebox radio show is broadcast live on Facebook
03.05.2020 – Kyle Lee is interviewed on Songs From A Padded Envelope podcast (listen)
04.05.2020 – Neil Crud presents his 7th radio show during Lockdown (listen)
05.05.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Bedroom Bollocks radio show (listen)
06.05.2020 – Nigel Peters guitarist of Terminal turns 60 today
08.05.2020 – Derrero‘s comeback album ‘Time Lapse’ is made digitally available
08.05.2020 – Crapfest is held virtually; feat; Crapsons, Uncle Peanut, Pete Bentham
08.05.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Punk As Fuck 4 radio show (listen)
08.05.2020 – Emmi Manteau (Baby Brave) plays live set from Wrexham on Facebook
10.05.2020 – El Borracho release their ‘Demos’ (bandcamp)
11.05.2020 – Neil Crud presents his 8th radio show during Lockdown (listen)
12.05.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Inflammable Material radio show (listen)
14.05.2020 – Yr Eira release album ‘Map Meddwl’ on I Ka Ching (here)
15.05.2020 – Dan Amor releases single Is This Reality? on Recordiau Cae Gwyn
15.05.2020 – Ynys release single Aros Am Byth on Libertino
15.05.2020 – Sons Of Selina vs Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials single Creatures Of The Night is reissued on link2wales
15.05.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Punk As Fuck 5 radio show (listen)
16.05.2020 – Paul Hammond presents a 20 Years Of Remixes radio show (listen)
18.05.2020 – Neil Crud presents his 9th radio show during Lockdown
19.05.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Inflammable Material #2 radio show
22.05.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Punk As Fuck 6 radio show
25.05.2020 – Neil Crud presents his 10th radio show during Lockdown (listen)
26.05.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Inflammable Material #3 radio show (listen)
29.05.2020 – Paul Hammond presents his Punk As Fuck 7 radio show (listen)
31.05.2020 – Adam Walton / The Immediate release album ‘Citalopramadingdong’ (bandcamp)