Academy 2, Manchester July 16th 2003

(reviewed by Ian Lunatic Magnet Jones) 

Ok…I’ll come clean… I’m a Mike Patton obsessive. Faith No More are one of the few bands that changed my life..i can honestly say that. His other projects I show equal amount of bias towards… Mr Bungle, Fantamos, Tomahawk, Dillenger Escape Plan, Lovage…the odd appearance he did on the Milk Cult album, the several Sepultura collaborations… his upcoming appearance on "that fat bloke from the deftones" solo album – I could go on… but I won’t – I’ll try and retain some dignity.
Anyway – tonight’s turn is Tomahawk – a proper rock supergroup – you can shove your Audioslave up your arse as far as I’m concerned. This band has the members that shaped late 80’s early 90’s alternative scene.
Made up of Mike Patton (god), Helmet drummer John Stanier, Melvins bassist Kevin Rutmanis and bandleader and principal songwriter Duane Denison from The Jesus Lizard.
Anyway this is the British leg of their European geek show tour supported by label mates The Melvins and Kadaa – oh yes… just to drool a bit more Mr Patton owns the label Ipecac. Have I sucked arse enough yet Mr Crud?
Anyway first up in what can only be described as "the fucking sweltering" Manchester Academy 2 are Kadaa. For anyone who has never heard of them go here and check up on them. Norwegian artist Kaada’s debut release on Ipecac. "Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time" is a great pop album and with a total air of lunacy there live performance was no different. The band, having a striking similarity in appearance to the late great John Holmes, rattled through a good half
hour set, hamming it up to the increasingly enthusiastic audience and generally having a laugh..pretty much everything anyone could wish for. Plus, any front man that straddles two keyboards in a manner not dissimilar to a Rick Wakeman in his prime always gets a thumbs up from the Jones camp.
…First break and time to fill up on liquid as I’ve just sweated my first pint all over some spotty nu metal kid wearing a dog collar - bloody students!!
Next up are The Melvins – to be fair I’m not a massive fan of the this band and coupled with the intense heat in the MDH managed to sweat through the first few songs, notably Fool, the Meddling Idiot, Night Goat and Brain Center at Whipples. After this however we bailed out and went for the Water/totty spotting/game of pool (depending on who is
reading this) so I apologise to any Melvins fans who were expecting a thorough review. Simply however…they were heavy as hell and the kids enjoyed a little boogie – plus this was the first appearance of Kevin Rutmanis who was braving the heat by playing two sets back to back.

…2nd water break… i swear Mrs Jones…no totty was spotted!!!

Cometh the hour cometh the man – Entering the stage to a collection of Ennio Morricone tracks, Tomahawk ran straight into Birdsong , the opening track from the newly released second album "Mit Gas" and audience responded perfectly. If you ever seen a Patton project perform live you will understand what I mean. All eyes focus on him…all mouths open in awe of him - all fellas want to be him and all girls want to fuck him – very crude I know but very true. The band were amazingly tight as samples were triggered…. vocals were delayed, distorted and pretty much thrown in every direction possible. Improvised sections annoyed the hard rockers hoping (and god knows why) they just might play Falling
to Pieces or Epic. Two skinheads stripped to the waist caused chaos down the front and started the now cringe worther "you fat bastard" chant.
"Ten Years too fucking late with that fucking bullshit" was the reply. They continued throwing there muscles around " Heh Kevin, check out "The Rock" "
The majority of the audience got it. Unfortunately these did not. One minute like a mad scientist behind a rack of effects units and hardware, and next lurching and throwing himself all over the floor, screaming and gargling and generally setting out to alienate everyone who was hoping for a Patton circa 88, Tomahawk ran through a considerable amount of their two albums in an hour, particular highlights being Daesastre Naturale (silence the old school rockers with a Portuguese ballad complete with onstage crooners antics) and a totally butchered version of Flashback… I don’t think one member of the
band pulled that song off…. absolute chaos… absolute genius.
Unlike the Nottingham gig the night after, Manchester was treated to a one-song encore, the classic POP 1. Stripped skinhead hurls more abuse.. wanker..
"Your disco, your city..fuck you" Skinhead quiet.

Pattons final words as the echoes of POP1 ring off around the sweating walls of the MDH "This beat could win me a grammy" couldn’t be more apt
Are you mad mate… music this original would never get the recognition it truly deserves – it’s only sad Patton obsessives like me who buy it, and long it may it stay like that as a certain Pap Idol said.."you could feel the love in the room"…oh yeah..and those two girls on the way out who were discussing how they would win Pattons heart and marry him…fuck off…he’s mine!!!

Tomahawk Set list Wednesday 16th July Manchester Academy 2

God Hates A Coward
When The Stars Begin To Fall
101 North
Capt. Midnight
Daesastre Naturale
Rape This Day
Point And Click

make mine a pils
We’re counting on you

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