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 Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay 26.07.03

(reviewed by MWJ)


I’d fully intended to get over to the Dudley the night before to provide some abuse/encouragement (fine line) for Stuntface and the rest, but the collapse of my kitchen ceiling kinda put the kibosh on that. Wonder if they were involved in this senseless act of terrorism

So after a day’s debris removal I had a raging punk thirst on which fortunately coincided with an Old Hall gig. It didn’t seem quite as busy as some of the recent ones, guess some are off on their summer holidays same as all these Manc punk bands are on their hols down here.

Dangerfields are already in full fast flow and am surprised to see first outbreak of negative violence seen at these gigs, handbags at the ready, an apparent generation gap thing where an old skooler has been caught in a mosh type incident and not taken too kindly to ending up on his arse. Anyway, it’s all bundled out of the venue, ably marshalled by Phil, with a third of the people there following for support if needed but reason prevails, tension eases, gradually.

Back to the music, and the Dangerfields are great, well matched I imagine to Stuntface for their upcoming joint gigs in the province, both dealing in hi-octane riff frenzies. Redefining happy hardcore me thinks. Lead from the rear by the drummer, respect for getting all those lyrics out while thumping away, interspersing the songs with easy going banter and, frankly, shite jokes. Throw in a double speed version of Motorhead’s "ramones" tribute that was cool to hear. Well impressed with the girl on the bass (oh yeah?….), err not just the fact that she keeping up with these frantic rhythms plucking with fingers (as all the best bassists do…) but also with the distorted blast of her sound, all the ingredients sorted. Anyway, cheered back for a couple of encores, bought the single, love still getting hold of vinyl.

Dave Cox is out on bail apparently, won’t hear a word said against him, especially as he’s got the Filaments on at the Dudley, check ‘em out for sure.

One Man Stand, a three piece, take a couple of songs to get people enthused but do maintain interest level throughout. Good vocal hamonies and really a lot of innovation within the relatively constrained genre, mainly from the guitarist, that had me thinking a bit of Fugazi. Have to direct most of their set to the crowd gathered by the bar, though given some respect and support from the handful down on the floor

Tell Pete from Alien Matter to ensure the band rise above the guitarist hassles, stick with it, we want to hear more.

I was half expecting 3CR to wear thin on me having seen them at least 3 times before but was obviously forgetting how entertaining they can be. Ever topical, they have added a song about Michael Barrymore called "TV Bastard" to their repertoire already featuring bile aimed at Gary Glitter and Jonathon King. There’s a lot of humour in a lot of the songs and inevitably in the banter, but tonight really notice how punchy their punk is, playing stuff off a new album that evidently sees them pretty serious about getting it right. A blast of "Gay Bar " brings a couple of girls scurrying forward to the dance floor but then stops and they retreat once more. Would have liked to have seen Crud’s face during the "classic" "Thieving Scouse Bastards" having learned of his antipathy to all things Manc, but hey, it’s only a statement of fact…. Posh Wirral Scouser Hocky from Instant Agony took it on the chin.

Compare notes on the Misfits adventure with Kneejerk's Cat and discuss unending problems of getting gigs elsewhere with one of Out Of Use.

Finally, Spitting Dummies are up and running, but the impact isn’t instant due to a muddied sound that they end up having to sort themselves. Much improved, they’re good quality melodic punk, again much use of "woah-oh" etc. harmonies. Surely the most muscle bound band since the Misfits (except for the bassist, it’s not in our genes), must work as bouncers when not inciting punk pit action. Guitarist not afraid to get a bit musical with some solo runs, very crisp sound. Hope singer is wearing contact lenses, either way, scary eyes. The songs are pretty positive in message and end the night (quarter past twelve) totally turned about from the flash of the bad side at the start.

Next one, 4ft. Fingers, August 30th, with Out of Use, The Cox, Kneejerk, should be great.


(reviewed by MWJ)

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