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Sonic State

The Dudley Arms, Rhyl 28.06.03

(reviewed by Neil Crud)

Maybe my reviews are getting so good that you all save your pennies now by staying in & waiting for me to do a write up. Hey its almost like being there! But you're excused this week as you'll all claim to have been at Glastonbury. And why not me? Exposure to all that fresh green grass & a severe allergy to it would've had me in the Hari Krischna tent begging Hari Rama for forgiveness & to astral project me out of my hayfevered body (well, that's what happened last time).

To make up for it, Wayne The Bastard, Steve Sync & myself embarked on a quest to meet the God of Alcohol. The only way to meet this supreme being is to consume enough of the stuff to sink a small ship, so Wetherspoons is always a good starting point due to the reduced prices.

While this ritual was taking place, Market Drayton's Sonic State were wondering who they had upset. Support band X-Ell didn't turn up & there was no PA.
Thankfully the latter problem was solved & as we stumbled up to The Dudley at 9.30pm they decided to hit the stage to the 40 or so of us who had showed up.
The hype had lead you to believe you were to see a Sigue Sigue Sputnik re-incarnation on the boards with a female vocalist & drummer, & a male bassist in drag, and there is a hint of that on the single Disco Detonation, but live, it's more balls to wall, knees up mother brown full on punk rock.
Regardless of the crowd (local bands are spoiled in Rhyl, more so out of season), Sonic State were in no mood to do things by half & gave us as good as we could ask for with animated vocals, cool guitaring & a solid back line.
The high point for sure was the 7 minute hypnotic thump of Nukem which had a Troops of Tomorrow feel without ripping off The Vibrators or The Expolited.
Nice one! And, like with last Wednesday's bands, I hope the low turnout doesn't put Sonic State off & an appearance at The Old Hall in Penrhyn Bay would go down a treat.

With all the live entertainment over & done with by 10.30pm we had time to resume our original course back at Wetherspoons before meeting my little sister (Baby Crud) at Shooters where her friends insisted we drank these small shots of liquor. At last! I found the God I've been searching for as it was 4.30am when I came round on the kitchen floor wondering what the fuck my name was.

(pix & review by Neil Crud)

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