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Cathay's Community Centre, Cardiff 10.05.03

(by Tom Price)

Yet another strange day of networking for me. Iím down here in part to do some networking for Valleum and help introduce some of the bands' music to each other. It is one of those weird little connections, which brings in all sort of bizarre little links (Rellies-Vaffan Coulo-Valleum-Wendykurk).

With only ten quid in me pocket thankfully this gig is at the Cathayís Community Centre (reminiscent of a small school sports hall) so means there is less likely to be alcohol and thankfully a cheaper night. It also means there are a significantly high number of teenagers, which always makes for a better gig. They are so much more up for it than the oldies who are probably at the Adequate 7 gig (ska ewwww).

Nerve 424 fair better than the last time I saw them. I hear a punk style with metal influences making them a more wide ranging punk rather than some skater punk rehash (which we thankfully we donít get tonight). They get a better response from the crowd than the students, with some one almost getting knocked out on the stage when the small pit got a bit violent.

Do the next two bands have a definite "valleys" sound? I donít know, but rather more so than an indie sound. If you listen to things on S4C then there might be a point here, which something should be done about. Scott from Midasuno joins the audience for part of the Dopamine set. which was not necessarily a good idea , as the audience starts to pay more attention and the pit starts to gather some momentum. Would do to be taken out by an audience member before the gig starts. During their set one young chap decides that it is a good idea that his shorts are unnecessary so spend the rest of the night with his shorts on and off depending on what the mood takes him, good job he didnít have the same idea as Pete Alien Matter earlier in the gig (see Hendre Hall review). Dopamine are very competent and the demo CD is a very good representation of their live sound. Very loud and melodic modern slab of punk..

Unlike Dopamine, the Midasuno sound is not really done justice on record (which way you take this up to you) having a similar mad stage presence to Martini Henry Rifles and Jarcrew (which if at the wrong time or place might grate a bit). They also remind me of Mcluskyís musical styling but I prefer this lot coming more from the rock end of the musical
spectrum and I can see why they won the Welsh Music Awards (boo hiss devalues art) best unsigned band.

Heads get beaten, guitar thrown around, dancing in the audience where guitar disappear all occur matching perfectly the music. Unfortunately this is an underage gig so the crowd starts to disappear before the end missing some of the best on stage antics. Scott uses gaffer tape to attach the microphone to his face allowing for freedom of motion (while playing the guitar) and the crowd is re entered, only to return to at the end to throw the guitar over his head which crashes in to the
drummer. The stage has a quick once over before the set finishes.

Midasuno is a band that has potential to destroy a lesser headline act. Go on bois you know you want to support Good Charlotte (my bugbear at the moment, and global energy wasters).

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