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Bar Blu, Rhyl 19.06.03

knees up mother brown

‘We’re out of tune, we’re out of luck, we suck.’ That was the first song 4Q wrote at our first rehearsal in May 1987. We were out of tune, history will tell you we were fresh out of luck, & we most definitely sucked.
Fifteen years later Kneejerk are out of tune after every song, a little low on their luck but they do not suck. Their set is similar to a junk shop; a shambles, lots of rubbish lying around, but tucked away are some gems. The jewels in the crown are the actual members, with their couldn’t give a toss, take us or leave us attitude.
Paul ‘Scouse Git’ Hammond & myself had to chuckle as Blood & Lipstick promoter Steve Rastin frantically ran about trying to juggle the needs of demanding bands, grandchildren & running a venue. We’ve been there before (apart from the grandchildren bit) & I for one have no desire to put on gigs again, although Hammond does still have that twinkle in his eye. Poor Rastin had to put up with Hooper pulling out for starters, vocalist Paul Davies had been vomiting all day & they got there to see a 95% punk audience & decided to give it a miss. What Hooper should’ve done was play their set & let Paul puke all over the stage, the punks would’ve loved it! Then the Pistachio Fiends come over all primadonna (or is it pre-Madonna?) complaining about the drum kit they were sharing with Kneejerk; they did have a point as Spikey Cat’s kit came from that junk shop I mentioned earlier, although her argument was that teenage ska-punk band drummers don’t have tom-toms.
I had lost the will to live waiting to see if the Pistachio Fiends would play & duly left the building, they did play in the end as Leigh (The Cox) kindly donated his drumkit for them.
Back to Kneejerk; the ska-punk references were hard to find at times as they plod through that American punk feel stuff, but there is enough in there to keep you occupied & plenty of visual stimulation with a double bass bigger than than the band, the odd mohican, lots of moving around & bags of attitude. Check out their excellent (website)


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