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Bar Blu, Rhyl - 23.07.03

(reviewed by Neil Crud)

Hey, what’s Bar Blu without a technical problem? Nothing as simple as a missing drum-stool, nope – tonight Matthew I’m going to be a PA that’s blown. The brand spanking PA system packed up during soundcheck & in the words of one band member; ‘The desk is fried.’

This did not deter from the music as thankfully the Rastin had booked 3 clued up and professional outfits to grace the boards on this Wednesday night.

I keep mentioning the day in these reviews as it’s still hard to fathom. A Wednesday night in Rhyl & the place is once again bustling with people jockeying for position to see the bands. Crikey! It wasn’t that long ago when bands playing in Rhyl struggled to pull & maintain an audience on a Saturday night.

Aberystwyth’s Jape will always muster up the Red hot Chilis descriptions by lazy reviewers – hey that’s me! - & there’s no denying where their influence comes from, even down to the animated front man. Regardless of all that Jape set the tone for the evening with style, professionalism and a mighty fine’n’funky set that justified why a lot of people are starting to mention their name.

Flinch headlined tonight & are dab hands at this game now knowing where to throw a customary cover in to keep an unfamiliar audience interested. Their last EP took Flinch onto new strides with a heavier feel & they’re better for it. This pretty excellent bunch of musicians ended the show with that superb version of Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now – only she wraps her legs & not her arms around you! Throw in a bit of Enter Sandman at the end of this version and you get the picture.

Homespun have been around as long as this current scene without ever really being a part of it. I’ve long been a fan of their work but always felt they had all the pieces to the jigsaw, but they still had some parts of it to put together in the right places. Now whether their recent session with producer Ronnie Stone has anything to do with this or simply hardwork on behalf of the band & management (or both), but the dividends have been paid. We saw a different Homespun tonight, a more confident, aggressive & full on band who had found the glue to stick all those pieces together then sniffed what was left in the bag. Whereas in the past some songs sounded a little disjointed, now they sound like they were intended; punchy, punky & eager to prod you in the eye.

Once Flinch had ended proceedings everyone at Blu moved lock, stock & beer barrel to Ellis’ to finish off the night with the single mums spending their social money.


(reviewed by Neil Crud)

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