The Negatives. Out of Use, Die Kast Messiah

Penrhyn Old Hall


(reviewed by MWJ)

Straight in to the Die Kast, something slightly different from the usual on the punk bills here at the old hall. It’s a rough industrial type thing, muddied somewhat by the sound mix but also perhaps by a lack of development of the tunes by the band at what’s obviously early days for them. Still when it does click there’s a definite heavy groove to their gothic nastiness, and would be great if developed. The keyboard player should stick to his piano tones and drop some of the bontempi sequences. The singer is quite powerful but needs a bit more consistency to his delivery. They’ve all concentrated on image as well, smart shirts and ties, hopefully they’ll realise the tunes are more important. And half of the Misfits "Die, Die My Darling" as a closing tune is better than nothing.

Out of Use are here again, in their local, and get the deserved best response of the evening from the gathered throngs. There’s no drop in the numbers time after time at the D+B gigs here, people seem genuinely supportive of/grateful for alternative events like this, long may it continue. The band’s delivery is as tight as ever, most songs flashing by in a couple of minutes but with plenty to catch onto as they go. Especially true of the lyrics, and the eager crowd help out on backing vocals for numbers like "Last Chance", "You Fool"(?), "Maybe one day", loads of others besides. There are attempts at coordinating circle pits that break down quickly in the mosh mayhem, band and fans loving it. The drums provide some excellent breaks, guitar and bass stabbing with precision. New songs show cased as well, all good prospects, contrasting between more ringing chord melodies and some out and out heaviness. My only constructive criticism is that it needs volume cranking up, but then I’m half deaf already – join me.

Finally, The Negatives, old stagers from Bradford (and proud of it), unashamedly plugging away still from their ’78 origins. And they fit reasonably enough in the mold (sic) of what you’d expect from those times for British punk, elements of early Exploited and the Pistols. It’s steady, shouty, catchy. There’s no outstanding music or musicians but the ethic and intent is clear to see. Song subjects are the usual suspects but include their perspective on Bradford’s recent events ("Riot City") plus a new number "Obvious" that’s probably one of their best, so they play it again at the end. Kindly inform us that their first single is worth £300, but they haven’t got one. They’d almost pulled the gig due to loss of rhythm guitarist but had drafted in bass player’s son as replacement – talk about punk through the generations. He also copes with the technical difficulty of the singer falling over his amp and fucking it up, probably tangled up in the Police line tape they’ve strung about the place, there’s karma for you. The band are extremely appreciative of the venue and the people who get down to it, keen to involve them in the chaos. Offer one faster number which thay admit is all they can manage at their age, even Out of Use might have slowed (slightly) in 20 years. Finishing with a cover of "Pretty Vacant" it’s another satisfiying evening at the Old Hall, look forward to The Skeptix.

(reviewed by MWJ)


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