13 AMP

Bar Blu, Rhyl 16.07.2003

(reviewed by Neil Crud) 

Remember the heady old days of the Breeding Ground, & also The Bistro before that? You can now reminisce over the bands you used to see at those venues; Goodnight Said Florence, Carpet, 4Q, PSST, Spoilt Victoria, Blush, Fluff, Carbonari, Sulphur.
My point is that is 3 or 4 years time you’ll be doing the same thing about the same crop of bands you’re seeing now & you’ll probably look back upon them with that same affection. You’ll probably look back & recall the scene you were a part of, & your mates, all grown up now with jobs & families.
The people have all but changed now from those days to this but the ‘scene’ remains, & there’ll be those tonight who may well say in a few years time that they were there when Inner City Sumo played their debut gig at Bar Blu. Of course, should this young band go on to the dizzy heights of rock’n’roll stardom then everyone will claim to have been here on this night. The truth be known it was about 100 people with about half of them paying attention to the chunky chinky punk rock guitaring, wailing female vocals and a drummer who looked suspiciously like the guitarist from Jives Room (these kids are so resourceful these days). The show kinda reminded me of Siouxsie & The Banshees’ debut at the 100 Club in 1976 (shall I claim to have been there? Hell, no I was only 9 years old!), in a sense that it was a girl singer & their first gig!!!

13 Amp had themselves on the backfoot with me as soon as they announced they were from Manchester. Dunno what my prejudice is, my contempt for Alex Ferguson, the arrogance of the Cardinals a couple years ago, Liam Gallagher's bank account, that girl who blew me out in 1989? Maybe…
13 Amp were quick to dispell any of my grievances with grace & style by not only belting out classic songs but also ‘progging them out’ with long drawn out & excellent instrumental breaks, making full use of both guitars to the extent of almost hypnotising us.
They did run out of bass lines by the last 3 songs (the same bass run for each of them) but made up for it by adding a backing sequencer to those tunes. And no CDs for sale, bastards, I’d have bought one, I was that impressed


make mine a pils
We’re counting on you

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