Zombie Dub – The Resurrection

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Zombie 2  The FrontRising from the gravy…
A miraculous resurrection has occurred.
Hidden in a cave high in the North Wales Golgotha hills (just by Dwygyfylchi) researchers rolled back a stone to uncover two previously unheard Zombie Dub tracks.Together they constitute the new limited edition single (Vinyl run of three), which is seasonally- monikered I Rise.

Not Such A Good Friday For Zombie Dub

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zombie jesusZombie Dub – The collaboration between Paul Hammond and Joe Shooman is over after three years. The industrial dark beat poetry was initially a one-off cross-Atlantic collaboration over the Internet but developed into a series of further tunes.

Shooman, ex Vaffan Coulo, would write and record the lyrics and send to the Sigue Sigue Sputnik remixer Hammond, who provided all the music and visuals.

Both musicians however reckoned that it was time for the project to die a death and be put in the ground once and for all.

The sole physical release of the band was the Zombie Dub single (c/w Unnatural Inclinations), which came out earlier this year with a limited edition of two copies.

New Single – ZOMBIE DUB – Zombie Dub

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Zombie Dub – are an on / off / Shooman / Hammond / Bangor / Rhyl collaboration who have remixed, remastered and re-released 2012’s self-titled single Zombie Dub.
The blurb states ‘Limited Edition 7″ Clear Vinyl’ – so limited, that both copies have sold out!
Yep, that’s right, two copies were pressed…

New Single – ZOMBIE DUB – Zombie Nativity

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zombie jesusOut today and in the true spirit and celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ, comes a new single from Zombie Dub.

Available as a free download – limited to 100 (with a b-side) – enjoy the festivities with a bit of Zombie Nativity.

Mr Zombie says, ‘The single features the world’s first ever premix – Darf Drew aka Andy from the Relatives got his claws on it before even Paul Hammond and did the music in advance of even hearing Paul’s arrangement. Which he hasn’t written yet. Reverse Zombiness…
Channelling Rammstein and Foetus on this one.’

Darf also did the B-side, a German language reworking of a previous Zombie Dub song now called Unnatürliche Einstellung (unnatural inclinations)

‘There will definitely be more Zombie Dub in 2016 and an album is being planned too.’

Zombie Dub

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Paul Hammond, Joe Shooman and Justin Williams have combined forces to bring you this remix of Zombie Dub.
Hammond, aka Paul Scouse Git, former frontman with Psycho Sexual Terrestrials and GMX Stuns has collaborated with former Vaffan Coulo member and now author, Joe Shooman to bring you the Zombie Dub; a series of dark poetry backed by dark music.
Skinflick murderer Justin has added his chainsawing talents and chopped it up just for you…