The Alarm – The Gathering @ Llandudno Conference Centre

We must be climbing the social ladder – having begged, borrowed & almost stolen tickets for previous Gatherings, this year we were invited on 3 guest lists. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition to start at the Imperial Hotel in Llandudno, which is more a collar & tie setting than 5 boys out on a 12-hour session of music & beer.

x-ellFairziff, Andy Fatman, Steve Sync, Jake & myself discussed the demise of the Speakeasy as the dinner parties quaffed their campari sodas & we made our way to the NW Theatre.
X-ELL (or Excel) from Rhyl were well into their set when we stumbled in. A 3-piece (as most new bands are these days), very young, so young in fact that the drummer was about 11 years old & very talented; but like his Hanson counterpart he knew it to the point of annoyance.More