Fat White Family, The Growlers, The Wytches @ Kazimer, Liverpool

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Today, Monday should have been recovery day, and to an extent, after a full Friday and Saturday of not being big or grown-up, Sunday was spent travelling and today walking in the country; recovering… So when that Wobbly Heart Jules, texts me to see if I wanna go back to Liverpool tonight to see this gig, AND he was driving; there was only ever gonna be one answer.

The Wytches @ East Village Arts Centre – Liverpool

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Clowns to the left of me, Wytches to the right.
(review by kyle gintis)

It’s been a long time since I’ve paid the full ticket price of a gig purely to watch the support act. There is nothing wrong with Future Of The Left, I don’t really own any of their stuff, but tonight I’m not here to watch them. At 20:15 I’m going to watch The Wytches for my first time ever and I can’t fucking wait. A band I know little about apart from the fact that they have really cool videos on youtube and that they are in the middle of finishing off their debut album that is being produced by none other than Bill Ryder Jones (ex Coral guitarist).