Wupting Backache

(crud blog)
My fucking back is killing me! I have to work for a living – self employed tiler and I’ve been working like a frog looking for water. I was gonna put ‘like a dog’ but dogs don’t really work do they? They just laze around, shit on pavements and sniff other dogs’ arses. Unlike a frog looking for water, because when I lived / worked in Greece it was a particularly hot summer and the stream that normally reduces to a trickle in the hotter months, had actually dried up. I was working at a house with a swimming pool and an army of frogs came leaping up the mountain to the pool for water.

Anyway, I digress. I’ve really put my back [sic] into work this week and have suffered terribly. Someone told me most back sprains are caused when putting on your socks or underwear, this doesn’t affect me as I never take mine off (heh heh heh!). Mine is caused by hard physical labour, and sitting here upright typing doesn’t help either.

The only way I made it thru the day is with the trusted iPod – I’ve snared the computer speakers off the Crudlets’ PC, plugged the iPod into them and voila! I can happily (happily? you are kidding…) tile away, free from wires. Today I listened to Green Dragon’s Bite Size Bonus from last Tuesday. Gruff Rhys‘ excellent Candylion LP – the 14min song ‘Skylon’ is a masterpiece, and also listened back to my latest Crud Cast, which I recorded last night… Oh dear, it’s a bit raucous innit?! Alcohol should be avoided when broadcasting – how many times did I say ‘cunt’ ? The music was ace though, Klaus Kinski are amazing! And in Captain Hotknives I think we’ve found ourselves regular entertainment….! Anyway, take a listen, you will regret it..!!

Alaska’s WUPT have long been regular participants to my website and my show – and one sure way of getting airplay is to ply me with gifts – like a nice spanking new t-shirt…!!!!!

The teabags here at Crud Towers have run out, the fridge is void of milk, there’s large spaces in the larder and I haven’t had the time for shopping. The remainder of the bottle of whisky I nicked on the night of The Gathering (it’s a long story) has to suffice as beverage – it’s disgusting! How I long for a cup of tea.