Sick 56, WORM, 6 Year Hangover @ Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay

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sick56You know those American films like ‘Repo-Man’ & ‘The Lost Boys’ where they have loads of punks in a warehouse throwing a massive party? A band will be playing, there’s fornicating going on, a mosh pit in action with limbs being broken, people slipping on beer & sick stained floors, glasses being smashed & girls crying.
Well that was the Old Hall tonight. Great gig!

Lurkers, Worm @ Coach Inn, Clynnog Fawr

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(reviewed by Neil Crud)

It was a cross between Tarantino’s All Night Titty Bar from the film From Dusk Til Dawn & the pub scene from American Werewolf in London. On arrival we were told to stay on the road & keep off the moors & there was a 7 pointed star on the wall.

This is Clynnog Fawr, a place unaffected by Tube strikes, taxi ranks & dodgy nightclub bouncers, for this is the middle of nowhere – welcome to rural Wales. A look at the map on the pub wall will tell you ‘Clynnog Fawr’ & marks a stone age burial chamber (where Tarantino’s topless zombies lie in wait no doubt).