GIG REVIEW – Free Rock n Roll Festival (Saturday) @ Sound, Liverpool

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photos by kev smith, steve dunkley, phil newall

In a hundred years time there’ll be a statue of Pete Bentham in Concert Square holding Queen Victoria’s knob… It’ll be there to celebrate the achievements this man made to the alternative Liverpool scene… The Free Rock n Roll Scene… Rewind one hundred years to the present day and we are right in the midst of those celebrations, and long may they continue…
The Free Rock n Roll Festival is a two-day event put together by Pete of his favourite bands who have played his Free Rock n Roll nights here in Liverpool….

GIG REVIEW – 0161 – The Twistettes, Killdren, Bratakus, Werecats, Drunken Butterfly @ The Eagle, Salford

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Unable to do the whole festival weekend of this great annual celebration of all things anti-fascist I nipped up the M56 to check out this warm up show featuring a couple of bands I’d been wanting to see for a while, plus some more new ones to check out.