The Keys, El Goodo, The Voices, Shy Magnolias @ Loose Club, Cardiff

(review by guy salvador)
Hello, & at last! The first gig of 2006 after a particularly barren January…… The Loose club @ Howard Gardens, Cardiff is a new one for me. Basically it’s a scruffy little University bar room on the UWIC, Newport road campus in Cardiff. Now, of course, with it being a uni bar the beer prices are….. acceptable, which makes it a fun night! Now, as I said, it’s a scruffy bar room, but this doesn’t detract from the ability of it to be a good gig venue, sometimes these places are the best! The “Shy Magnolias” are playing their last couple of songs as we walk in. Non offensive, enjoyable guitar pop in the main. Didn’t see enough of them to really comment, nothing ground-breaking but, seemed OK to me on first hearing.