Vaffan Coulo – “Fast Multiplying In The Skin” – split 12″

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Duncan Black says, ‘Vaffan Coulo ‘Fast Multiplying in the Skin’ vinyl record cover. When I was a kid the car in the photograph was often parked around Benllech on Anglesey in the seventies. Adults told me it belonged to an eccentric local called Jerry Gillette who built unwanted extensions on people’s houses when they went on holiday. No idea if that’s a true story or if that’s Jerry in the photo. The album was a split release with Ultra Orange on the other side. 1996′

Pete Jones adds, ‘Picture is of Charles Butler-Pierce, self proclaimed King of Wales who had a television shop in Mount St, Bangor..definately eccentric!’

Split 12″ EP with Ultra Orange – (Extune/Tontrager recs, Germany)

UK Subs, Vaffan Coulo, Mere Dead Men @ Glaslyn, Porthmadog

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UK SUBSCutting from Seren, Bangor Uni student magazine, courtesy of Joe Shooman, who says, ‘Seren loved the gig – Brita I think was one of the punks that were part of things in Bangor at the time.’


Vaffan Coulo – Rich Woman

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Vaffan Coulo on tour in Spain

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Vaffan Coulo

Bangor punk reprobates Vaffan Coulo continue their tour of Spain.
Speaking in 2013, Joe Shooman from the band says, ‘Amazing what’s lurking online innit! This gig ended with our guitarist Bicko strangling himself with a guitar lead, it was a massive noisy mess in a bad, not good, way. Ha-ha-ha. Then we nearly didn’t have anywhere to kip cos the squat locked its doors at 11pm in case the police came.’

More Vaffan Coulo on link2wales

Skinflick, Hex, Vaffan Coulo play Bangor Uni

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Skinflick, Hex, Vaffan Coulo play Bangor Uni’s Curved Lounge