Convoy, Unsure, Beth, Anonymity, Polythene @ MASE, Llandudno

(review n pix neil crud)

MASE, Llandudno Conference Centre

MASE is music’s equivalent of a soccer team’s Youth Academy. They’ll sign on hundreds of kids but only the best will come through. In 50 years time the majority of these performers at these monthly events will bounce their grandchildren on their knee, give them a Websters Toffee Cream & tell ‘em of the time they played in a punk rock band in front of 300 people. Some may even go further & release a CD, hey even my Dad got signed in Sixties (check the Executioners on the site), but for most the time is now & it is here. Take Polythene for example, you’ve probably never heard of them & probably never will again, but who cares, for just one moment they caught me. It was during their cover of that Hives single, for that brief moment in time, they had it, they grasped the stinging nettle, it was today, the ‘now’ & this is what you wanted & this is what you got. It may well be their 15 minutes of fame, & if it was, I hope they enjoyed it; I certainly did.