FESTIVAL REVIEW – Bearded Theory 2018 (Saturday)

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Friday becomes Saturday with an overnight thunderstorm (that a lot of people slept through) and my notebook for today is empty… Half hungover – half drunk you just go with the flow, chancing upon bands, perusing the stalls, missing bands you wanted to see, basking in the sun, sheltering from the rain, eating, drinking, dancing and skanking with friends and family, and talking nonsense to complete strangers – that is what Bearded Theory is all about.

FESTIVAL REVIEW – Rebellion, Winter Gardens, Blackpool (Saturday)

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(review n pix by neil crud)

To some, this Rebellion weekend is their one outing a year; reliving their youth, having a holiday and shame upon them really, as
1/ They need to scrape their fat arses off the settee and see a ‘new’ live band once in a while; not just crawl out of the woodwork, dye their hair specially and dust down the old leather jacket for the occasion.
2/ Bands need people to see them, they need exposure and
3/ You only have one life, LIVE IT…!

UK Subs, Last Gang In Town, Braxton Hicks at The Tivoli, Buckley

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(view from the stage by neil crud, pics by neil crud and phil newall)

The floodgates opened and the dogs of war unleashed the wrath of god upon us. Basically, it fucking pissed it down all day. So much that I got a call at 3pm to say the A55, A5 and North Wales coast train line were closed due to flooding, and our drummer, Gwion was the wrong side of the water with no paddle. Fuck!

Rebellion Festival 2012, Blackpool – Sunday

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(review n pix neil crud)

(review n pix by neil crud – additional pix duesy duesbury)

UK Subs headline Hotel California, Birkenhead

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Charlie Harper of UK Subs