Bistro, Rhyl

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U Thant, Mavis Riley Exp, 4Q @ Aberystwyth Uni

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(from Crud Diaries)
4Q neilConsidering that the organisers paid £180 for the PA set up and the amount of equipment they had to hand, for our set anyway it sounded shit. I suppose that having 2 lead guitarists who are constantly having a private battle with each other for supremacy, does confuse your average sound engineer. Not having the chance to soundcheck due to U Thant‘s late arrival didn’t help matters. The 1st band on were called the Mistecs from Blaenau, a schoolboy tupenny Metallica type shite band, everyone has to start somewhere but fucking hell these children should’ve stayed at home. Then Jon Busker insisted on playing his anti-fox hunt song which was enough to drive you to killing foxes! The Mavis Riley Experience mob were an indie uplifting outfit – wonderful, even Matt liked them.

U Thant release 12″ EP

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On their own Thant label (THANT 003) – 4 track EP

U Thant release Bugeilio LP

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Debut album on their own label (THANT 002)