Second Peel Session for Tystion

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He has every right to be smiling – Tystion have their second Peel session aired live from Maida Vale tonight.
Tracks: Y Meistri / Ishe Gwybod Mwy / Pwy Sy’n Rheolu’r Donfedd / Brad a Sarhad / Yr Anwybodus, Dama Blanca

Line up – Steffan Cravos, Jason Farrell, Gareth Williams, Clancy Pegg, Rob Mackay

Tystion release Meistri

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Tystion bring out a 5 tracker Y Meistri back on their own Fitamin Un label (Fit! 012), after a relationship with Ankst.
Tracks;  Y Meistri / Yr Anwybodus / Brad A Sarhad / Dama Blanca / Y Meistri (Offerynnol)

Tystion – new album

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Third album from a new throbbing line up of Tystion – Hen Gelwydd Prydain Newydd is out today on Ankst (093).

Tystion in session for Peel

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Debut peel session for Tystion four years after they first emerged.
Tracks aired; Pwy Syn Rheolu’r Donfedd? / Byd Hip Hop vs Y Byd Cymraeg / Ishe Gwybod Mwy / Gwyddbwyll

Line up for this session – Steffan Cravos, Jason Farrell, Phil Jenkins, Frank Naughton.

Rec at Maida Vale 19.01.00

Tystion Shrug off ya Complex!

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Second album from hip hops Welsh massif Tystion, their first for Ankst (Anskt 088).