ALBUM REVIEW – Various – Cam O’r Tywyllwch

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This is the DIY compilation LP released 30 years ago that kick started a Welsh music revolution that still reverberates around today.
Released by Rhys Mwyn on the Anhrefn Label and picked up by John Peel, this album spawned Anhrefn, Datblygu, Super Furry Animals and Catatonia. It made the ignorant English based music media realise there was more to Wales than just sheep shagging farmers. There were sheep shagging musicians too…!

Welsh Language Benefit Festival @ Corwen Pavilion

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(from 4Q Diaries) – 4Q, or 3Q as we were now, spent the next six weeks frantically rehearsing, with me taking on Edi’s vocal duties as well as guitar. I had always wanted to sing in a band, but Edi’s shoes were very big to fill. The next gig was playing a Welsh language music festival in Corwen. 4Q’s self-publicised hype had secured us a slot high up the bill and people were keen to see the band. Rhys Mwyn sent me a message of support, ‘I’ll definitely be there to see you fuck Corwen.’ He wasn’t wrong!

Pesda Roc, Bethesda

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Datblygu pesda
This may well have been the first Pesda Roc Festival, and possibly Datblygu‘s debut performance (pic above and below).
It also hosted, Y Cyrff, Machlud, Mwg, Llwybr Cyhoeddus, Tanjimei, Pryd Ma Te?, Brodyr y Ffin, Tynal Tywyll, Maraca, Ficer, Eryr Wen, Chwarter i Un, Dinas Naw.
(taken off Datblygu website)
david datblygu“A photo in the booklet for Wyau/Pyst/Libertino, the essential collection of Datblygu albums, shows a temporary stage housed on a huge truck, somewhere in Wales, covered by a tarpaulin and occupied by Datblygu themselves. You have to look twice to notice anyone apart from vocalist David R Edwards, who’s standing on the lip and barking at six children sitting on the grass wearing anoraks. It’s an image so dreary and purgatorial, you imagine that despite being a black and white picture, it was taken using colour film. Intentionally or otherwise, it conveys the notion of a prophet unrecognised in his own land, which is at least a half-truth…”

Various – Cam o’r Tywyllwch released

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New compilation album on Recordiau Anhrefn Records