Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 77 – with Tom Goodall in Session

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Tom Goodall returns to my TudnoFM show for the second time in session. Unlike his previous visit, the former Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials drummer has gone semi-electric, and delivers this superb folk-choke session. After you’ve listened to it (and the entire show) check out his page here.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 77
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GIG REVIEW – Grant Sharkey, Ross Cardno, Tom Goodall @ The North, Rhyl

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Grant Sharkey has a song about the exponentially increasing world population… It’s basically about seven billion people who can’t stop fucking each other… The problem with seven billion people fucking each other is that some of the products end up being complete fuckers and in Rhyl on a Tuesday night… What a great source for more material…

2 Sick Monkeys, Emissaries Of Syn, Tom Goodall @ The North, Rhyl

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A rare review! I’ve seldom put finger to keyboard over the past six months since starting my weekly radio show on TudnoFM. Time is a valuable commodity, and despite seeing loads of gigs, I seldom find the time to write about them.
So without further ado… Let’s get typing.

InSession – Tom Goodall

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Rhyl’s Tom Goodall has been gaining plaudits among those in-the-know for his heart felt songs and razor sharp lyrics. So it was a pleasure to invite the former drummer of Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials to perform a live session on my TudnoFM show.
Check out his stuff here, and be sure to catch him live…

Whole Show is here…

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New Video – TOM GOODALL – Steel

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Rhyl’s Tom Goodall is building a reputation in and around the locale with his cool songwriting and live appearances.
It’s a far cry from his days as a teenage drummer for Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials. Although he still smashes the drums from the safety of his own home, he finds more solace with a six stringed guitar these days.
This is his latest release… Steel.