INTERVIEW – Marc Jones (promoter Tivoli, Krazy House, Planet X)

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Marc Jones DJ & Promoter at The Tivoli in Buckley 1991-94

The Tivoli in Buckley is steeped in history, and link2wales recently published a list of the huge number of gigs the venue boasts. Former promoter Marc Jones saw this and put his hand up to share his remarkable story.

It transpires Marc previously managed Scorpio Rising and also promoted gigs at iconic Liverpool punk venue Planet X and inadvertently put my old band, 4Q on there twice! Small world… but that is merely a footnote in a fascinating story…
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The Tivoli, Buckley

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[pic above paul radcliffe]
Situated in a strange part of North Wales, that’s not that easy to get to, The Tivoli is a venue in Buckley responsible for a lot of indie shows. Not quite on the main gig circuit but becoming more of a cult venue for bands to play warm ups at.
Originally a cinema and theatre in 1920s. During the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s the venue had a tremendous run of bands through its doors and it was often cited as one of the best places to play on any tour, with promoter Howard Croft being responsible for many of them.
Marc Jones was the promoter and DJ of the Wednesday indie gigs from 1991-94.
Indeed, stories from the people who worked there at the time have inspired new owner Rokib Miah to once again achieve this goal after a fifteen year spell as a more mainstream nightclub.
2010 was a great leap in the right direction with the club enjoying a buoyant resurgence on the live music scene.

Buckley Tivoli flyer

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Buckley Tivoli flyer

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Buckley Tivoli gig listings (Winter 1991)