Thyrd Eye, The 4 Sticks @ Venue4Events, Rhyl

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I reviewed Impaled Existence live at Zu Bar some fifteen months ago (link below), and predicted that this lull in crowds would last two years. If that is the sad truth, then we’re just over half way there and boy did we know it. The Recession (Depression more-like) was on it’s way then, we’re now so used to it that we hardly know it until it’s going out time… the towns are empty, the pubs are closed, the people are at home.

Thyrd Eye – Say Something (out Feb 15th)

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(review n pix by neil crud)

‘Any guitar smashing has to be cleared with the management first’ – that’s what it said on the itinery for the bands. You can just imagine in the heat of the moment, the final song and the guitarist gets carried away, he takes off his guitar and the band stop; he asks over the mic if it’s ok to smash his guitar, the management give a nod, the band carry on and the six-stringer is in smithereens.

Thyrd Eye, Streams, Bootnic @ Rain, Rhyl

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‘She said she would never shave my eyes’ – Bootnic (pic below) have come a long way since they first graced the boards of Rhyl as a schoolboy skateboard touting half covers band. A line-up shuffle and a couple of transfers, including the permanent loaning of Valleum’s Alun transformed Bootnic from a lower division side into the premier league.