Dirty Weekend 2015 @ Chester Lakes, Chester

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chewed up

It might be an annual tryst but there was even more subterfuge to the subversion of this year’s DIY underground punk festival with it being at a secret location. You didn’t have to turn up with a pink carnation or black and red rose in your lapel though, a lot of the regulars were always going to come back on this date, it was only through limiting the numbers to the ever expanding success story that it had to be somewhat hidden.


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I saw This System Kills a mere ten years ago, if I recall, they had not long formed and only played a handful of gigs… They were however, in my opinion, and in the words of link2wales reviewer MWJ, ‘Fucking brilliant.’
It was a show by showmen – it was a lesson to youngsters watching, that you can still preach your angry views and beliefs and also have a laugh.
Fast forward ten years and I had all but forgotten them… Then Scottie posted on the link2wales facebook forum that he was putting out his first release on his All Systems Go label.. None other than an EP by This System Kills – in white vinyl.

In The Shit, This System Kills, L98, Six Year Hangover @ Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay

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(pix by Steve Brute)

In The Shit
In The Shit

Punk ethics. To me that includes the questionable decision to cycle to the Old Hall from Conwy in some belated half-arsed new years resolution to actually do some exercise, cut down on car use, and being able to get pissed as well (although drunk in charge of bike is still a risk – you’ll never catch me coppers!, well you probably won’t even spot me crashed in some ditch).