Third Spain

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Third Spain were actually two Bangor bands, one existed in 1980 and was a more experimental feat; Scott Saunders (voc,gtr) (ex Inadequates), Alan Wilkinson (bass) (ex Inadequates), John Cratchley and Mark Thomas (drms) (ex Inadequates). Played several gigs, mostly in Plas Coch in Anglesey and never played the same song twice.
The 2nd Third Spain (pictured) were formed in 1985 by ex Reinheitsgebot members feat; Scott Saunders (voc), Maeyc Hewitt (gtr) (later Ectogram, Nixon and Jarvis, Lungs), Alan Holmes (gtr) (Lungs, Ectogram, Groceries, Fflaps, Non-Stop Parking), Ian McMillan (bass) and Rick Joslin (drms). Rel self titled vinyl mini-LP on Central Slate recs (1985) (although with Maeyc, not Rick on drums) and played 29 gigs over the next couple of years, until Maeyc and Alan left to form The Lungs. Their style might be classified as post- Fall proto-grunge guitar indie rock.
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Anhrefn, Third Spain play Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge

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Did you go to this gig? Was it good? Take any pics? Got a flyer?

Anhrefn, Y Cyrff, Cut Tunes, Third Spain play Jazz Room, Bangor

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Ann Matthews (who would later play in Fflaps, Ectogram) designed this poster. She says; ‘Ah, this poster. A Collab. I nicked Alan’s and Cut’s logos and used a blow up of a microscope slide of a slice of plant bamboo I think! Alan’s posters were of course a lot slicker! Great bilingual gig days!’

Third Spain at the gig

Archive – Greenpeace Benefit Gig in Bangor

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The big guns came out for this one..!
Did you go? Can you let us know how it went?

Third Spain release mini-LP

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