Archive Gig – Picture Frame Seduction, Officer Down (+more) @ Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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Picture Frame Seduction

As Bar Blu was opening for the last time across the road as a nightclub, and, for the last 5 years a Wednesday night venue. The Dudley Arms remains a phenomenon and was celebrating (ironically) 5 Years of Pigtown Gigs – has it really been half a decade?
One thing you know is that the Pigtown crew do like to pile on the bands of an evening and you’re usually ensured it’ll be quality stuff.
Tonight was no exception – top notch all the way to last orders…

The Dirty Weekend @ The Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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Sick 56, Instant Agony, Erase Today, Barnyard Masterbator, The Smackrats, Swallow, Global Parasite

Not so much of an entire dirty weekend for me as a filthy Friday, but I tend to feel that way most times I visit Rhyl. Just unclean. Coming over on the train to enable copious refreshments found that the show times had had another last minute re-jig which left some spare time to go and enjoy some cordon bleurrgh cooking and renew wonder at folks actually coming on holiday here