Steak Number Eight, Ten Dead Crows, Spam Javelin @ The Compass, Chester

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With a couple of days to go, it suddenly dawned on me that we [Spam Javelin – Ste Brute pic below] were playing a gig in Chester on the same night that our spiritual brothers, the UK Subs were also playing less than half a mile up the road…
Having, over the years shared beds, beers, pizzas, stages and drummers with the Subs we should have really been on that bill… But it turned out that we were at the better gig.

Out of The Ashes Festival (Sunday) @ Ellesmere Port

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Dunno what’s more tiring… Spending three days debaucherising at a festival or the three days it took to write this review..?
Lou Reed’s Sunday Morning lyrics rang in my head as I arose to a quiet campsite… It turns out I slept right through an all night onslaught of loud music coming from right next to my tent, leading to a barrage of complaints from everyone else who couldn’t sleep because of it… God help them if they went to Glastonbury… That said, those bad boys of rock n roll, Tim and Michael were rather sheepish all day today!