GIG REVIEW – Lolfa Binc, Teeth Crack, Spam Javelin @ The North, Rhyl

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[review by steve coxon] [pics by neil crud + pete brookes]

Well, what are you going to do on a Thursday evening when presented with a choice between Celebrity Masterchef on TV or a trip through to North Wales equivalent to Sin City that is Rhyl. As I walk through the door like a gun slinging outlaw stepping into a western saloon, half expecting a chair to come flying at me, I’m surprised to find that there’s a friendly welcome and an opening at the bar where I choose a pint of Tuborg for a small sum of two quid.. it’s a good start.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 63 – with Teeth Crack / Skinflick in Session

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Sometimes the planets align and sometimes they smash into each other and sometimes both! This is what happened when Bangor’s Skinflick teamed up with Rhyl’s Teeth Crack to bring you last month’s ‘Wetworks Of Heresy EP’.
Eager to pollute the airwaves I had already invited Skinflick to perform a session on my show, and it was suggested that they collaborated live in the studio. Their initial idea was to simply perform the EP live… ‘Boring’ I said. A session should, yes, promote a new release, but also give the listener something else. The result was incredible… Particularly the Christine Aguilera cover!

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 63
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GIG REVIEW – Boycott The Baptist, Emissaries Of Syn, Spam Javelin, Teeth Crack @ Cross Foxes, Prestatyn

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foxes may17eos
“While sinking a few pints on a quiet Sunday evening, the blue skies over Prestatyn were split by a raucous, discordant tide of glorious punk rock. Following the rapid guitar, vocal angst and screaming drums, I found myself, drink in hand, nodding ferociously to the sounds of Spam Javelin and Boycott The Baptist. A large group of baying punters packed the pub’s makeshift barn, a perfect venue to be gleefully terrorised by this incessant and glorious sound. I was happy to be among them.”

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 45 – with Teeth Crack in Session

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Teeth Crack is James Cooper, who formed both Depraved State and Terminal Voyeurs before departing into his Rhyl swamp to emerge as this current sonic indigestive form early last year.
With releases aplenty on Bandcamp and very loud live shows, it was the obvious path to take and invite him onto my show…
Enjoy the whole show and session here…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 45
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Depraved State, Teeth Crack @ The North, Rhyl

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We weren’t supposed to be here… On our (probably) 20th Annual Jolly Boys Xmas trip to Chester, we somehow stumbled on a train home and again, stumbled into The North.
What can I say about Depraved State apart from they are a phenomenon to behold… From that opening ear-splitting feedback to that end blast a mere ten or twelve minutes later. They burst onto the scene in January as a 3-piece and bit like the Terminator travelling through time, guitarist Ifan finished the set naked on the floor amid an electric torrent of noise.