Ellfest @ Frenzi, Wrexham

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(review neil crud – pix neil crud, milton, elliot)

H2O, Chief, Face of Christ, The Tear Up – Central Station, Wrexham

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(review n pix by mwj)

Taking a bit of a chance with this one, as I wasn’t familiar with the music but had enough faith in their reputation as a long time served NYHC band and well as in that pretty genre’s consistent ability to deliver the goods. Plus a good selection of supports and the end of my summers camping expeditions all meant the stars were aligned. (They do look spectacular down the end of the Llyn)

Agnostic Front, xCurraheex, The Tear Up @ Moho, Manchester

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Yay, the weekend starts here. With Dave’s Battlebus back in hot (or maybe overheating) action we head off from the Bay via Wrexham with a full load ready for another blast of hardcore. The incentive was that the definitive NY hardcore legends were to be joined by some local NW legends (in the fields of drinking mainly) and their new band The Tear Up, getting an unbelievable first gig after a mere 6 weeks of existence.