GIG REVIEW – Archgoat, Bolzer, Svartidaudi, Eggs of Gomorhh @ Sound Control, Manchester

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(pics by dave ingham)

I like my black like I like my coffee.  Not particularly often, in small concentrated doses, but when there’s a high quality selection I’ll usually fill my boots.  So this eclectic collection of the dark extremes of metal fitted the bill for me, a European package tour gathering bands of interest and justifying a hefty ticket price, especially for me as Svartidaudi had been one of the most impressive in the genre encountered in recent years.  I had seen them and Bolzer before in the blazing sunshine of a field in East Germany before (see review), a grim club in Manchester would be an interesting contrast

FESTIVAL REVIEW – Hell’s Pleasure Festival, Possneck, Germany

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portal hellls pleasure

I still remember the shiver that ran up my spine that fateful night, as a chain of events were set in motion spelling my inevitable doom.  Rumours of an approaching supreme evil, cryptic writings telling of the imminent unleashing of unimaginable horrors from beyond. I could not sleep, I was compelled, drawn to join other cultists in the dark forests of Thuringia, there to bow down and worship, accepting a descent into madness upon an altar that a humble human mind could not comprehend.  For those of a non-Lovecraftian nature, at the last minute I’d heard that the Australian band Portal (above) were making their first visit to Europe, and I was there!